Unlocking the gold in Craigslist

Craigslist might be the world’s largest and most used online classified website, but are you posting your ads in the right section?  Many people may be posting without actually stopping to think about whether or not that are posting in the correct sections or cities.  While simply posting your ad on Craigslist can be extremely rewarding, are you making the most of Craigslist by posting in the correct section?  How can you identify the most popular and trafficked sections on Craigslist and make sure you are making the most of Craigslist?  It is actually much easier than some people may think.

The most visited sections on Craigslist is the jobs.  While this is useful to know, anyone wishing to promote their service or goods can not post in this section, unless of course you have a job to advertise.  So then just how can one determine which sections get the most traffic?  The best way to do this is by simply looking at the amount of ads posted in a section.  Quite simply, advertisers follow the money.  Sounds obvious right?  And in fact it is but many people still over look this simple trick to identify hot areas of Craigslist.  If you find a specific city or section on Craigslist is lacking in posts, or even several days between anyone making a post, then there is a better than average chance that the specific category or city you are looking at does not draw enough traffic to warrant taking the time to post there.  This can save you a lot of time in advance by knowing before you post what the chances are of getting any leads.  The more competition, the better your chance is of posting in that category and generating potential leads.  Does this mean that you shouldn’t advertise in cities or sections with only a few posts?  Of course not.  This is nothing more than a rule of thumb and in fact you may be very lucky and find a new niche or market segment that other advertisers have overlooked.  However, generally speaking, if you stick to the sections with the most posts, you will do better.

Another way to identify sections of Craigslist or more specifically cities on Craigslist which get the most traffic is via a website called Alexa.  Alexa tracks traffic details of many of the world’s largest website, including Craigslist.  By simply visiting the website and entering in the Craigslist domain and viewing traffic details, you will see at a glance which cities of Craigslist get the most traffic.  Again, use this to your advantage.  You now know in advance which cities get the most people and you can tailor your advertising by posting in the most visited cities that are relevant to the products or services you plan on promoting.

Craigslist is a great site for advertisers but you can make it even more useful through a little research to find out which sections and cities get the most traffic.  Doing this will make posting ads on Craigslist more rewarding.


Source by Creztor Tessel