The Youngevity Compensation Plan – How To Make Money With Youngevity

The Youngevity Comp Plan Explained

Youngevity is part of the Essential Life Sciences group, and is a network marketing company in the health and wellness industry. Like all network marketing companies, it is essential that you make sure you understand how the compensation plan works before you start, otherwise you could experience difficulties.

The compensation plan basically dictates how, when, and why you get paid with Youngevity. A good knowledge of the plan is therefore vital.

In order to become a Distributor with Youngevity all you need to do is pay a $10 registration fee and fill out an application form. There are then various levels you can reach within the company, all based on your volume of sales. You start as an Associate Distributor, and work your way up to Jr. Associate, Active Associate, Managing Associate, Diamond Executive Leader, Double Diamond Executive Leader, and finally Triple Diamond Executive Leader. The level you are at depends on your Personal Business Volume (PBV) every month.

How To Make Money With Youngevity

The Youngevity compensation plan allows Distributors to earn a quick-start bonus for every new Associate they sign up – earning up to 30% commission on their first month of sales.

As well as this, you can earn bonuses on the sales of the Associates in your downline which get bigger the further up the ladder you get. Once you reach Diamond Executive level you can also start to qualify for money back on your own personal purchases, and when this is added to your retail commissions, your group sales bonuses, and your quick start bonuses, the Youngevity compensation plan starts to look quite lucrative.

The problem is that it doesn’t matter how lucrative the plan is if you can’t add anybody in to your business. To grow a serious business that makes you the sort of money you are dreaming of you need to be aiming to add 2-3 people into your business every single day. To do this, you will need to be generating hundreds of free leads every week.

This might sound impossible, but it isn’t provided you know the secrets behind massive, free, lead generation using the internet. The key is what marketing strategy you use. Do you follow tradition and use “warm” marketing techniques like trying to sell to your family and friends, for example, that are proven to fail time and again? Or do you use “target” marketing techniques that let you use the internet to generate more leads than you can ever even use, and are proven to produce success every time?

The key to making the most of the Youngevity compensation plan is learning the art of “target” marketing online. If you take the time to do this, the possibilities with your business really are endless.

To find out more about how target marketing online can explode your business, see How To Rock The Youngevity Comp Plan.


Source by Joshua Fuson