The Blogger Code Of Monetization

OK, let’s be real with each other, you and I…

You and I both know there are dishonest marketers out there. There are people who are selling crappy products, “gurus” who have no business coming off that way, and marketers who spend more time trying to extract money from you than delivering real value.

You and I both know there are internet marketing people who spend more time trying to brag to you about their wealth than doing anything real. You know the ones who keep posting pictures of their cars, talking about how much their crap costs, showing income screenshots, or have this strange desire to post photos of their food and say how much it costs.

You and I both know that some sites have gotten so overbearing with banner ads that it has gone overboard. I guess your browser crashing or having a bunch of pop-ups and autoplay videos doesn’t bother them, really. Anything in the quest to increase their revenue.

You and I both know of people who promote products only for the affiliate commission.

You and I both know these people exist.

What’s more, I’m guessing you don’t want to be one of those …