The 6 Core Pages Of Your Blog – And How To Tweak Them To 2X Your Conversions

Answer this question about your own blog. And, be honest, OK?

Did you set up your blog specifically for conversions? Or did you just slap something up there based on your “gut feeling” of what would work? Or based on what your theme had built into it already?

For most people who are starting out – and even many long-timers – it is the second option.

If that’s you, then your blog is primarily just a big collection of blog posts. The core pages are likely being overlooked. And your main thoughts about conversions come down to stuffing things in your sidebar and hoping somebody clicks on it. This is what I like to call trying to get “impulse clicks”.

It rarely works.

In this post, I’m going to talk to you about how to tweak your blog for conversions. We’ll talk, specifically, about 5 important “core pages” you should have on your blog.

The reason this is important is because conversions are the name of the game here. If you’re not getting your readers to do something valuable when they come to your blog, then you’re building no leverage, no asset, no value. Which…