Targeted Web Traffic Scams

Unfortunately there are many web traffic scams which you should avoid like the plague. As a service provider we came across many of these scams which we found ourselves selling as a genuine web traffic service to our clients. We are not going to say that every cheap web traffic provider is a scam artist, like us many of these providers have been duped into offering such services to their own customers without knowing. Here are a few basic tips which you should ask your web traffic provider before buying any web traffic from them :

1. Where does the web traffic come from? If they are genuine they will be able to reveal the source of the web traffic and show you where it is delivered from.

2. How is the web traffic targeted? Once again there is little point buying web traffic that is not properly targeted. Worse still many web traffic providers buy in traffic from Asia or other countries which has no relevance to your own website.

3. Is the web traffic trackable? Many web traffic providers will tell you that your own web statistics will not match theirs. Why? Well it is not genuine web traffic that’s why! Fair enough there maybe a small difference in statistics but several thousand missed visitors, sorry that does not add up at all.

So what type of scams do unscrupulous web traffic providers get upto? The main scams are cheap inferior traffic visitors but other providers use auto bots to visit your site. These are often referred as “phantom” visits. Either way such web traffic will not help you increase sales or customers. Our advice is be careful when buying cheap web traffic better still just do not buy it at all. There is a train of thought which is not often wrong, pay peanuts …. get monkeys. This follows and applies too most things and most definitely to these cheap web traffic plans.

For more free web traffic tips please Click Here. We hope we have given you some positive food for thought & wish you every success in building your traffic!!


Source by Scott Fallis