Talent Vs Attitude – Which One Is the Best?


Often we are used to think about developing our talent and our personality. In this due course we tend to totally depend on our learned talent. What we forget, which is more important is what to do with the talent that we have acquired over the years.

Gaining immense talent and not making use of it is like buying your favourite shoes and not knowing where to wear. Well, the example that I have used, may not necessarily makes sense but if you think hard you will get the idea behind it. Talent alone is not enough for you to succeed in your life and in your career and you definitely need something to back you up. Well, I would love to carry a right attitude, a positive attitude along with my talent. Because talent and attitude when mixed together gives you an edge over your failures and helps you jump back and get on track without having much to bother about on the failure part.

You must have seen hundreds of talent shows, which broadly ranges from singing talent, dancing talent, acrobatic, stand-up comedy and several more. You must have observed the way they carry themselves while they are on the stage standing in front of thousands of people who have no clue about how this person is going to perform.

The humongous curiosity amongst people increases, the moment the person starts his performance. The crowd may be pleased and in return give the performer a loud applause or may even possibly boo the person. Now the point to emphasize is the why would the person be applauded and not booed? What exactly did the person do in order to get applauded? How did he manage to win so many hearts? What would be the possibility of his favouritism? And the questions may keep piling up.

One of the main answers would be his attitude, his confidence in delivering his talent and his timeliness. If you can see talent alone will not be responsible to win the stage but a mixture of right attitude in which others skills follows get you to a winning position.

I have recently come across a talk show in YouTube which is given by Mr Harsha Bhogle, a Cricket Commentator and who has also hosted a couple of Talk Shows. He gave a talk in a lecture at IIM (A), who described very nice points on the passion to perform, commitment and practice are far more important than talent alone. I am sure after listening to his talk and the points he elucidates, you would definitely be enthralled and would learn a few important tips which will definitely benefit you in your life. So make sure that you carry you pen and paper and if possible any snacks that you would like to have and get ready to concentrate on his words of wisdom when he talk about talent and attitude.


Source by Adrian Pereira