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So What The Heck IS Shiny Object Lemonade?...

Well, here's what it's not:

Haha, just effin' with ya. I hate it when people pull that crap on their sales pages! :)

In essence, the system that you're about to get your grubby little paws on will virtually force you to make any other products you happen to invest in finally work for you! What a concept, right?

How's it gonna do that?

It's going to keep you accountable for your own success... at the expense of public ridicule and embarrassment!

Listen, it's easy to screw something off if you're the only one who knows of your laziness.

But when other people become involved in YOUR story... and begin to hold you accountable for seeing things through... well, let's just say you'll be far more apt to move mountains to see each system you buy and implement through to a successful conclusion. And it will be fun... and inspiring... and profitable as hell!

However - and this is going to blow your motherhuggin' mind amigo...

You don't have to succeed in order to make money.

Perhaps the best thing about the "Shiny Object Lemonade" system is that you'll get paid even if you fail!

Let me repeat that for emphasis...

You'll Get Paid... EVEN IF YOU FAIL!

This is working RIGHT NOW ...

Wait, That's Not All You Are Getting...

I’ll Even Throw In These EXCLUSIVE Fast Action Bonuses!

Your Squeeze Page Is Bananas...

Inside, You'll Discover:

The one unnecessary "mistake" that's losing you 5-10% of your opt-ins... and it's so stupid! (page 11)

A psychological "trick" that's so damn powerful, you couldn't STOP your visitors from joining your list if you tried! (page 9)

How the first two letters of the alphabet can take you from paltry conversions all the way up to 40%, 50%, and even 60% or beyond... it's child's play! (page 5)

How addressing this one big character flaw can boost your opt-in rates by as much as 10 percent... instantly! (page 12)

Why ignoring popular opinion and being a little "controversial" can actually set your prospects at ease, opting into your list without worries! (page 13)

TONS more!

Buyers List Bonanza...

Inside, You'll Discover:

The easy, step-by-step approach to getting all the "cool kids" on your team! (page 8)

An unbelievably "sneaky" tip for piggybacking your way to guru status... easier than you might think! (page 10)

My startling comparison between the perfect buyer... and drinking beer at YOUR house! (page 17)

The one single (insanely profitable) business model that's custom-tailored to a buyers list owner... like you! (page 19)

The most disgusting, toxic thought you can have! Get it out of your head now... or you're screwed! (page 15)

So much more!

JV Double-Down...

Inside, You'll Discover:

The 5 main types of JV partnerships you can use to finally "pop the top" off your online business... friends don't let friends stay broke! (page 6)

1 bizarre tactic you can use to get 2150 white hot leads flooding your squeeze page all at once... with no additional effort! (page 14)

The little-known reason why the gurus are desperate for you to partner with them... like right now! (page 15)

An ingenious way to make yourself and 4 other people very, very happy... without ever getting naked! (page 19)

My top 4 incredible traffic sources... absolutely ridiculous traffic! (page 21)

So, so, so much more!

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I understand there are a lot of courses and training out there that make big promises…

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I don’t want you to miss out on this because you think you’ve seen this before…

That said. If this isn't one of the most powerful purchases you've ever made, just ask for a refund. Our company has been built on the results we get our customers and, if you don't get results, we don't deserve your money. If this doesn't work for you, simply request a refund within 30 days and I'll happily send you your money back. That's my Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee.


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