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Imagine Being Able to....

  • Massively Multiply Your Followers
  • Massively Multiply Your Engagement
  • Build Trust...
  • Build Loyalty...
  • Establish Your Authority...
  • Promote and Sell Your Products...
  • Massively Multiply Your Earnings

Some of the biggest brands in the world are using Twitter to make an absolute KILLING...

Twitter is the preferred social media platform for top brands to interact with their prospects

Why? Because Twitter gets results...

In 2013 Starbucks stated that 89% of the company’s revenue originated from Twitters advertising services...

Thanks to Starbuck's 4 million Twitter followers.

With over 236 million active monthly users - Twitter™ is FULL of Primed Ready To Buy Users.

Are You Ready to use to YOUR Twitter profiting advantage?

Success with Twitter™ marketing requires two things...

Attracting followers is hard...

And attracting ENGAGING followers is even harder...

Because it’s not ALL about the number of followers - It’s about having the RIGHT type of followers.

Followers who are already interested in what you have to offer. Primed and ready to buy.

Engagement sells... And engaged followers BUY.

Imagine for a moment, a world where you DOMINATE your niche on Twitter™.

A world where you are profiting big and often...

With Twitter™ marketing is not just achievable - but a certainty.

Now that's a world you should want to be part of.

Introducing Rewst!

Attract a mass of highly targeted Twitter™ followers. By searching for prospects based on keywords users have tweeted... 

You can sell them offers, products and services you already know they want!


Rewst's Features
Below are all the useful tools that Rewst provides.


Fans - These are your followers that you are not following back.

New Followers - The people that have followed you most recently.

Copy Followers - Copy followers from an account that has similar content to yours.

Copy Friends - Follow the same people someone else is following.

Keywords - Search accounts based on a key word or phrase.

Suggestions - The accounts Twitter thinks you'll be interested in.


Unfollowers - These are people that used to follow you but now do not.

Non Followers - The people you follow that have not followed you back.

Inactive Friends - The people you are following that haven't tweeted recently.


Uploader - Quickly upload images to your schedule.

Scheduler - Set your schedule with recommended times based on your audience's engagement.

RSS Importer - Import tweets from an rss feed, quickly.

Search - Find relevant content posted on Twitter by other people.

Tweet - Schedule a tweet with text and up to 4 images.


Create - Create a new collection of tweets.

Collect - Collect tweets from Twitter links, your recent tweets, or your top tweets.

Share - Generate a widget for your web page or schedule a tweet with a link to the collection.

Rewst is a powerful Twitter™ Growth Tool which will help you...

  • Boost Sales For Your Affiliate Offers.
  • Get Opt-Ins To Grow Your Email List
  • Sale More Amazon Products
  • Get More Teespring Sales
  • Attract Sign-ups Into Your MLM
  • Increase Your Kindle Book Sales
  • Know The Hottest Keywords To Tweet Every Time

Cheaper than Twitter advertising... with better results.
Rewst will give you MORE followers at a CHEAPER cost than Twitter advertising

If you choose not to cancel after the 7-Day Trial your membership will automatically renew. This subscription, which you authorize by not canceling, will be billed to your paypal account $15 every 30 days. Renewals will automatically be billed until you cancel your subscription. If you decide not to authorize the subscription, simply cancel your account during the 7-Day Trial period. Please read the "Terms and Conditions of Service" before starting your 7-Day Trial.

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