Resell Rights Weekly Review

Resell Rights Weekly (RRW) Honest Review By An Active Paying Member For Over 5 Years

Resell Rights Weekly Review

My Honest Resell Rights Weekly Review in 2019: Last Update: 01 November 2019

What Is Resell Rights Weekly?

Resell Rights Weekly is a FREE and Paid PLR and Resell Rights Membership Website that allows you to download digital products you can resell. These products are completely done-for-you and have either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights licensing. You can resell these products as many times as you want, and you keep 100% of the money. Resell Rights Weekly is much more than just a PLR membership site though, it’s a community of like-minded marketers and has it’s own user forum too.

Resell Rights Weekly PLR Site Review

RRW - Best Free PLR Membership Site

There are
plenty of PLR product memberships out there. If you are like me, it can be
tough to understand which sites are the best and which ones you should avoid.
They all work basically the same way. For free or a monthly fee, you have
access to content that you can use in your business. This can save you a lot of
time and money because this content is all in one place and can be downloaded

I have been a successful, full-time Internet marketer for several years now, and even though I hire freelance writers and graphic designers to create PLR content for me, I still use what I consider to be one of the best PLR membership sites. PLR memberships has come and gone over the years, but RRW has stood the test of time and has thousands of loyal happy customers including myself.

I’m about to share with you my honest Resell Rights Weekly review. I got on board years ago when I was just getting started and I couldn’t believe you really got access to so much free PLR content.

Trust me, that’s just what you get.

While you might find many other Resell Rights Weekly reviews on the web, many of them are not gold RRW members. I have been a gold member for many years now so you know you’re reading a review from an active member.

Let’s get started going over the pros and cons of a Resell Rights Weekly free and paid PLR products membership, and exactly what you get instant access to when you sign up.

Resell Rights Weekly Free Membership Review

Resell Rights Weekly Free PLR Membership

I don’t know
about you, but I love free PLR membership sites. Without putting any money at
risk, I can jump on board and check out what they offer. Then if I like what’s
going on I can stay a free member or upgrade to get bonuses.

This is exactly how this PLR content membership site works. Head over to the Resell Rights Weekly signup page. Join RRW here for free and start downloading immediately.

Sign up with
your best email address, choose a username and password, and you’re in. That’s
all there is to it. Head to your email inbox and verify your membership. You’ll
be taken back to the main page of the site. Use your info to sign in and you
can start downloading your free products.

what you get … for free.

1 – 728 ready to sell, instantly downloadable products. These products either have private label rights (PLR) or resell rights (RR). 

(Just in case you didn’t know, PLR is content you can resell
to others and keep 100% of the profits. You can put your own name on it and
change it in any way. You can convert an e-book into audio if you like, or vice
versa. RR content can also be sold by you and you get to keep all the profits.
However, you cannot change this content in any way, or claim that you are the
author or creator.)

2 – 2 brand-new products every week.

3 – An incredible 10,740+ articles.

4 – Instant access to the RRW forum, where you can
communicate with successful, veteran Internet marketers and get a virtual PhD
on how to use PLR properly.

5 – A PLR Resource Toolbox that gives you access to more than
330 tools perfect for turning your PLR into profits. This includes video and
audio editing software, SEO tools, keyword research tools, an HTML editor and
much, much more.

6 – The content includes software and scripts, articles, videos, audio files, e-books and reports. You can start selling them instantly.

You Also Get
Free, Done for You, Turnkey, All-in-One Marketing Kits

I want to take a minute to mention this. A lot of PLR content membership sites are good about offering plenty of products. However, only the best PLR membership sites include the marketing resources and products you need to instantly open a business in a box online and start making money.

I and many
other full-time Internet marketers consider Resell Rights Weekly to be the
cream of the crop because they include the following items with most of the
products they add to your membership area.

Professionally Written Sales Letter

Hire a
quality copywriter to create a sales letter and you’re looking at anywhere
between $250 and $2,000, if not more. This is already done for you. It is ready
to go immediately. You don’t have to find a copywriter, communicate back and forth,
spend a lot of money and wait for the copy to be written.

You are
ready to go right out-of-the-box with a sales letter that is written to convert
your traffic into sales and profits.

Developed Graphics

Just like
hiring a copywriter, paying a graphic designer to create images can cost you a
lot of time and money. You will receive graphics with most of your PLR
products. Some people will purchase a product after just reading text, but as I
am sure you know, graphics add a visual draw to content and keep people on the
page longer.

to Go Download Page

If you get
someone to click your sales button, they have to download your product. If the
download page is hard to understand or clunky, this can lead to a buyer not
being very happy with you. Download pages are created for you.

Fully Functional Website

This is
huge. You could spend thousands paying a web designer to create a simple site.
That has already been done for you. These sites were designed to lead to high
conversions and to engage your audience.

You can
certainly pay a lot of money to have sites built for you in the future if you
like, but there really is no need to with these professionally designed


Maybe you
downloaded a turnkey system that allows you to sell an e-book or special
report. Maybe the Resell Rights Weekly content is a video course or MP3 audio
files. Whatever type of content you get, it is delivered in every applicable
file format.

(Obviously, a website or sales page does not come with a simple article. Where applicable, these turnkey solutions are provided.)

What Can
You Use This PLR and RR Content For?

There really is no end to what you can do with this free content. Remember, you not only get everything that’s already in the free PLR membership section. Every week 2 brand-new products are added. This means fresh content. You get thousands of pieces of articles and reports, e-books and videos, audios and other types of content.

Use this
content anyway you see fit. I regularly use Resell Rights Weekly in the
following ways:

my email list by giving away free content in return for a newsletter

add affiliate links to PLR products and give away the content to create a
passive income stream as an affiliate marketer

mini-sites are perfect for making niche sites that you can set and forget and
that can earn you sales and profits for years

e-books on your website or blog

your name on PLR products as the author, which builds the perception in your
industry that you are a market leader

multiple PLR products to create a unique product for resell

Use the information in PLR content and rewrite it so it is 100% unique and fresh and you can sell it as e-books on places like JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

Turn video files into text and text files into videos and slideshows

Those are just a few of the ways that I use PLR content from RRW. There is truly no end to how this free content can help you start and run a successful business online. You just have to create a plan of action, setup your new PLR products and start promoting it everywhere you can online to start earning profits.

Accessing the Resell Rights Weekly Members Forum

When you log into your account you’ll see a navigation bar at the top of your screen. Here are the options you see when you click on the button that says, “Members Forum”. The forums is a part of RRW that I really like and use frequently. You can ask questions about PLR, request for products you’d like to see added and connect with other marketers. It’s a great community.




PLR and MRR Products




Detailed Marketing Reports



RRW Membership Questions and Answers

about Latest Products


Offers Forum

Freebie Forum


The Fun

Member Intros

and Quotes


There are tens of thousands of posts on thousands of topics. If all you did was sign up and spend all of your time in the members forum and you never downloaded a single product, you could become a PLR and Internet marketing veteran in a very short period of time. There really is a virtually limitless and frequently updated amount of information here.

What I
Don’t Like about Resell Rights Weekly

Nobody is
perfect. No website or product is perfect. I strive to make the best possible
products for my customers, but even so, I get emails from time to time that
tell me what I could’ve done better.

The same is
true with RRW. Here are some areas where I think they could improve.

PLR articles can be overwhelming. It is awesome that you get this much PLR
content for free, but for the newbie or someone just getting started out, it
can be difficult to keep focused when working through this massive amount of

recommend you have a specific topic or niche in mind before you start pouring
through these thousands of files.

same is true with the 330 tools in the resource toolbox. Don’t get overwhelmed.
Don’t keep clicking on one tool after another. Set aside some time to dedicate
to this wonderful feature and figure out what you’ll need and what you don’t
need to spend your time on.

site could use a modern day rebuild. Don’t get me wrong. The site works fine.
The headers and menus get you where you want to go quickly. The website also
loads quickly, so that is not a problem. All I am saying is that it has a 20th
century look to it, and could use a visual update.

Adding 2 brand-new digital products with private label rights or resale rights each and every week can cause you to lose focus. This is definitely a benefit and not a negative. However, it is up to you to beat “shiny object syndrome” and keep on focus with what you are working on or trying to do. Develop a plan, stick to your plan and execute without distractions. Finish one project at a time, make it successful, then start on the next plan.

But even though is looks old, the products and content that gets added almost daily is great. Resell Rights Weekly signup is quick and easy – check it out for yourself by clicking here. It’s FREE and I know you’ll love it!

In the next part of my Resell Rights Weekly review, we’re going to take a deeper look at the paid RRW membership option. the Gold upgrade is crazy good and packed with massive value. Keep reading you’re going love this.

The Gold Membership: One Thing I Would Definitely Do Differently If I Could Go Back in Time

I am an active RRW Gold member and have been for years. I use the Resell Rights Weekly PLR and RR content all the time to grow my business and make some quick sales with my email list.

One thing I would do differently if I could go back in time is sign up for a Gold membership right away. I used the site for some time before I decided to give the Gold Membership Trial Offer a try. I’m glad I did. Once i joined, I never looked back. The amount of products I had at my disposal made it so much easier to build my list, to setup amazon niche sites, sell products and more. It’s been one of my go-to PLR memberships for a couple of years now and that’s because of how frequently they add new content and products.

how it works.

For just $1
you get 7 days’ worth of access to the special Gold Membership Club. After 7
days, your PayPal account or credit card is charged $19.95 for each month’s
membership. I highly recommend you sign up for the trial and check things out
for 7 days.

Here’s just a little of what you get in the Gold Membership that is not in the standard Free Membership.

Instant Access to the Members Only
Affiliate Program

is huge, so I will talk about it first. You are provided with your own, unique
affiliate link. Share that with everyone you know, send it to your list,
advertise it online and get the word out. If anyone clicks on that link and
signs up for a Gold membership, your commission is $13.97.

here’s the great part.

get $13.97 from that subscriber each month that they stay a Gold member! This
benefit can more than pay for your monthly membership fee.

New PLR Articles Every Month Not
Available to Free Members

Free Bonus PLR Videos

Instant Access to over 100,000 PLR

Instant Access to Special Premium
Products Not Available to Free Members

Membership in the Online Marketing
University with over 300 Tutorials

New “Done for You” Many
Sites and PLR Templates Every Month

these are in addition to everything you get in the free membership.
And this is just a partial list of all the extras you receive every month as a
Gold member.

You can
unsubscribe at any time. I would suggest joining for the trial 7-day period for
just $1. Check everything out. Start sharing your affiliate link and see if you
can’t make some sales. Then if the Gold Membership isn’t for you, you can opt
out at any time.

By the way, RRW is always adding to the bonuses you get as a gold member.

I cannot even put an amount of how much the Resell Rights Weekly Gold Membership is worth, for the low monthly price they offer it at, it’s a complete no brainer in my opinion and you have everything to gain.

Try the free membership and download free PLR products with no risk – click here to join.

Some other AWESOME area’s in the Resell Rights Weekly Membership (GOLD)

Resell Rights Weekly Membership

Resell Rights Weekly Free hosting

Resell Rights Weekly - RRW

Resell Rights Weekly PLR Articles

Best free PLR Membership


If you’re
reading this, it’s because you understand that PLR can be a boon to an online
business owner. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell e-books on your
website, build your email list or have plenty of material for blog posts. PLR
can handle all those jobs.

Being able to access thousands of video, audio and text-based PLR files in one place is a huge time saver. In very little time, you can use this content to start your very first online business or grow your current business.

There is really no reason not to try the free membership, in
my opinion, if you are a blogger, e-commerce site owner, or any other kind of
online entrepreneur that needs content.

I can’t say enough good things about the $1 Gold Membership Trial Offering. The
affiliate program alone can be worth thousands of dollars or more to you each
year. Just share your unique affiliate link and drive traffic to that link.
When people sign-up for the gold membership you get a 70% sales commission.

This way you
can use the affiliate program to pay for your own Gold Membership each month.

I hope this Resell Rights Weekly review has helped you. If I had to give this PLR membership site a score on a scale of 1 to 10, I would score it an 8.5. Believe me, that’s pretty high praise from someone who has seen and done it all online. My recommendation is to give the Free Membership a try at first and see what you think. Try Resell Rights Weekly For FREE.

Here’s wishing you nothing but success with your online business.

Resell Rights Weekly - Free PLR Products

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