5 Real Ways to Make Money Online

This has always been a great question, and there are many different schools of thought on this subject. A person could argue products like software, eBooks, and virtual information are amongst the most marketable as they are easy to duplicate and have no shipping costs. It’s true a virtual product can absolutely simplify your post-sale […]

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The Web As You Knew It Is Dying – And This Is How It Has Changed Everything For Bloggers and Marketers

Are you still trying to play the traffic game from 6+ years ago? Perhaps you are and you haven’t realized it yet.

Because here’s the thing…

If you’re still relying on things like guest posting, SEO, social sharing and backlinks to try to build your traffic, then you’re playing an outdated game. One that has moved on and left you behind.

That’s because the web, as you know it, is dying. And if you don’t adjust your game accordingly, you will get left behind.Click To Tweet

I recently came across a post by André Staltz that was incredibly well written: The Web Began Dying in 2014. Here’s How.

Let me give you the bullet point version:

Google and Facebook now control over 70% of internet traffic. In other words, these two companies are now the middlemen which control the throughput of over 70% of all online traffic.
Much of this is do to the rapid rise of mobile traffic, which these two companies control most of.
This centralization is having a major impact on many industries, including the press. Whereas Facebook used to be a minor traffic source for major media outlets, now Facebook is a major player and …

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The Blogger Code Of Monetization

OK, let’s be real with each other, you and I…

You and I both know there are dishonest marketers out there. There are people who are selling crappy products, “gurus” who have no business coming off that way, and marketers who spend more time trying to extract money from you than delivering real value.

You and I both know there are internet marketing people who spend more time trying to brag to you about their wealth than doing anything real. You know the ones who keep posting pictures of their cars, talking about how much their crap costs, showing income screenshots, or have this strange desire to post photos of their food and say how much it costs.

You and I both know that some sites have gotten so overbearing with banner ads that it has gone overboard. I guess your browser crashing or having a bunch of pop-ups and autoplay videos doesn’t bother them, really. Anything in the quest to increase their revenue.

You and I both know of people who promote products only for the affiliate commission.

You and I both know these people exist.

What’s more, I’m guessing you don’t want to be one of those …

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Low Cost, High Profit Dream Products To Sell on eBay and Amazon

Finding quality products to sell is the key to continuing success. Keeping a pipeline of low cost, fast moving items to sell is also a must. Sometimes it takes weeks of searching to find a load of quality electronics or computer equipment that you can sell online at double your cost. I’m sure you agree […]

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CoinStar Vending Franchise – Make Money Counting Money

CoinStar franchises actually do not exist. It was the brainchild of a college student that had an idea…create a machine that turned loose change into cash. 18,900 kiosks later, you can find them in supermarkets, banks, drug stores, convenience stores and restaurants. Automated Retail CoinStar, Red Box, and other convenient consumer self-services, are the new […]

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Getting Cash for Clothing You No Longer Use

Sort through your Items Go through each room of your home and sort through items. Gather up items that are still in very good condition but no one wears anymore. This is the first step in the process to sell clothes. There is no reason to keep them around if they are not being worn. […]

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Selling Used Books Online – Make $ 750- $ 2000 Extra Per Month Or Go Full Time For $ 5k +

Selling used books online is one of the easiest, most fun, and most profitable part-time businesses out there. There is little guesswork when you use the tools that I'm about to show you, when deciding which books to buy for resale, and they are everywhere! For as little as 10 cents you can purchase a […]

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Weird Scholarships – Strange Or Stupid But They Are Still Worth Money

Heading off to college and looking for a student grant is a serious business but there are some weird scholarships out there that, although they may seem stupid, are worth a lot of money. Among the millions of possible college grants are some that most people wouldn’t imagine exist. There is a duct tape scholarship. […]

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Interior Design Business Secrets – 5 Tips to Tame the Paper Tiger, Stay Organized, and Make Money

Working with design professionals on their businesses, it seems too many are operating off of random piles, post-it notes, and a chaotic office. Organization saves precious time, creates greater confidence in your business, and allows you to always know exactly your success position. There are simple, proven techniques for getting and staying on top of […]

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Warning – Counting Money Can Make You Sick!

Yes, I said counting money can make you sick, literally. Money is filthy and could really use a good laundering. Studies have shown that a majority of US Bills are contaminated with cocaine. Drug traffickers handle the bills and drug users roll bills into straws to sniff cocaine. The ATM machines are contaminated with the […]

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