Make Money Fast Selling Used Books on Amazon

Selling used books on Amazon, is a way to make money fast. Just one good book that competitively priced can sell in a matter of hours but if you are patient and wants to get the most profit possible from your book so here I present some tips which have worked for me.

Keep in mind that some books do not sell quickly, no matter what price you put them, since the demand for that book is low, and it may take months, years to sell or maybe it will not sell.

1.- If you are new to Sell ​​Used Books , it is convenient that your first books put the price more Cheap everyone, this is to build your reputation before buyers (get positive comments) and to gain self-confidence.

2.- Once you have positive (Feedback) in your account, then it’s time to compete, look at what condition your book is, for example if your book is good (Good) compete with others who have this same description, not with the New, or with the Very Good or with the Acceptable.

3 .- Sometimes the prices of used books are higher than the New, do not be fooled and fall into the trap of cheating sellers, when this happens put a lower price than new, depends on the condition of your book, if you are Very good to put about $ 0.50 cents less. Pay close attention as there are sellers who have too high prices, for example a book that is worth $ 20.00 dollars they put a price of $ 100.00 $ 500.00 or more, I really do not understand why Amazon allows it. Then do not get excited when you see books that are worth this amount. NOTE: I am not saying that there are no books that are worth this, I in particular have sold books for almost $ 300 what we have to do is use common sense and it is very easy to identify these sellers, since they appear in almost all the books that let’s enlist

4.- Sometimes Amazon says it has a book available, but says “it will be sent in 3-6 weeks.” In those cases, you can often put the price of your book higher than the Amazon price, since Having the book available to send immediately is an advantage.

5.- If your score is better than your competition, you have the opportunity to put your books at a higher price, for example if you have 100% and if your competition has 96% (take into account the number of comments received) .

6.- Consider the psychology of prices. For example, people are more likely to buy something that costs $ 19.97 to $ 20.00 since the closed numbers for the mind is much higher, even if only a few cents are in between.

7.- If the book has a rank of less than 10000 try to appear on the first or second page, soon the first ones will be sold and soon it will be the turn of your book and in this way I do not leave money on the table, if the Rank is less than 100,000 placing it between the fourth or fifth place depends on the condition of your book. If the Rank is greater than a hundred thousand then compete for the first places.

8.- In the business of Selling Used Books without a doubt, Textbooks are key (College or University) and play a different role, if you do not need to sell them, then wait for the best months for the sale of Textbooks , which are (January and July to September) but the best time is the first week and part of the second week of January and a week or two before the start of September classes. Last year I sold a book for $ 30 dollars when it was not school season and then by chance I went back to find that same book in a Garage sale two weeks before classes started and I sold it for $ 90 dollars.

Selling used books implies a process of learning every day, but believe that it is not so difficult and if you have perseverance and discipline you will soon build a Profitable Business.