How To Use A Global Header And Footer On Thrive Architect Landing Pages

Time to get a little bit geeky with Thrive Themes. Specifically their Thrive Architect (previously Content Builder) editor.

I’m not going to try to explain this to non-developers. This writeup will only be understood by people used to hacking PHP code and WordPress themes.

When you build a landing page using Thrive, you can optionally do a full-screen takeover from your theme. See, one option is to insert Thrive elements into the content container of your main theme, thereby preserving your theme elements for that page. Or… you can take over the whole thing and build the page from scratch using Thrive Architect.

But, what about your header and footer?

What if you want to keep your header and footer consistent but change everything else? Most themes will use a fixed width container and that would constrain everything, but what if you want full width rows along with the header/footer?

For instance, take my homepage.

My homepage has the header and footer which I built using my primary theme (called Memberoni). But, everything else was built with Thrive. Full width backgrounds and everything.

Before I figured out how to fix this …