How to Start Making Money on the Internet For Newbies – A Self-Help Guide


Have you ever heard of your friends / colleagues / relatives talk or share about how to start making money on the Internet? Whatever your response to that maybe, at this point in time while you are reading this article, I would like to assure you that some dummy out there (just like you and me) is making some money at this very moment.

Along the high-profile Internet marketers who you read about approaching millions of dollars every year, they sound too good to be true and more like a fairy-tale. Well, it's not unusual to feel that way as you are not alone.

However, people often overlook the fact that these successful Internet marketers did not start off being a success story the moment they were born. They started off as ordinary individuals who started off with the intent of starting an online business to provide them with an additional source of income to supplement their expenses.

There were so many occasions which these very people actually wanted to give up on the idea of ​​making money online altogether. Why is that so? As you have guessed, they are completely clueless on how to start making money on the Internet and they feel they are going now.

The good news is that the "Never Say Die" attitude and enduring human spirit triumphs! They strive on and kept on trying different things until something something worked. And Wala! Things start to change for the better and "WHAM", the rest is history.

You see, anyone (regardless of education level, race or religion) can start making money on the Internet, but not everyone wants to believe that Internet is actually the best tool invented for this purpose.

Your success in making money online is almost always determined by how much you want to take action today and grab this opportunity which maybe a life-changing experience.

So how to start making money on the Internet and what do we need?

Presenting to you the Newbie Formula:

1) An Internet Connection
2) A Laptop / Desktop
3) YOU!

Are you sure that's all required? It must be a joke!

Well, of course that's not all. You still need to have a winner's attitude. You see, whenever I visit Internet marketing forums, I always hear comments similar to the following …

"Hey, I have been trying this out for 2 weeks! How come I am not making any money?"

"Help please! Is Internet marketing a scam? After 2 months, I still did not make any sales! I am going to quit."

Now, let me tell you the truth. Do you know when did I make my first sale? Well, I did not remember wrongly, it was my 16th month in Internet marketing. Thank goodness! I did not give up. If not, I will never be able to taste my first victory.

If you are really serious about making money on the Internet, ask yourself this question, "Do you have the winner mindset?"

If your answer is yes, "WELCOME".


Source by Jason B Han