How To Sell Without Selling: Making Money Without Being A Pushy Salesman

We’ve all had the experience of a pushy salesman.

Perhaps it was while you were buying a car. Perhaps some streetside marketer hawking some crap at you while you walked by. Or that door-to-door salesman who just wouldn’t go away.

And yes, you’ve likely experienced it many times online. It happens all the time. Some marketers barrage their email list with offers practically every single time. It’s just a firehose of bonuses, deadlines and more. And once one is done, they begin pushing the next one.

It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You end up sort of resenting the person doing the selling. And you make that decision.

I’ll never be that guy.

Good for you! Except… too often, I see people making the mistake of then never wanting to sell anything.

Many times when I am working with blog owners on their monetization, one of the issues that comes up is that they are approaching it in a standoffish manner. They are afraid of coming off as pushy. And it leads to very weak offers and lower sales.

So, how do we bridge this gap?

How do you sell without selling? How do you make money without coming …