How to Make Money Writing Online – 4 Ways to Package Your Information


If you want to know how to make money writing online you have to know what people want. You have to think about the problems people have and how they can solve them. You have to think about the passions people have and how they fuel them.

Anyone can learn how to make money writing online. If you are unemployed and need money for the rent, if you lost your job and don’t know what to do next or if you want a change but feel you are trapped in your present employment. The important thing you need to learn is how to frame the information you will write about.

Here are 4 ways to present valuable words.

1. Secrets. People love the mystery behind a secret. Tell your readers something that appears to be little known or knowledge that only a few people possess and they will love it. Humans love to be let in on a secret and if the information improves their life then this is how to make money writing online.

2. FAQs. All topics have a list of questions that people always ask. Open any sales brochure and there will be FAQs. Go to any website and there will be a button on the front page that answers FAQs. Most people have them same questions. Answer them and you can make money.

3. Save money. Everybody wants to save money. Give some advice on how people can save money in their daily lives or as part of some hobby or activity. Package the information so people can see how they can take action immediately to cut costs.

4. Reviews. Write a review of a product or service. You can mention the good points, benefits and points for improvement. Recommend the product or suggest an alternative. People always read reviews before they buy, especially on online.

This is how to make money writing online. Provide useful information but package it in a way that is both practical and enticing.


Source by James Vee