How To Make Money Online From Home In Canada (60+ Ways)

Whether you want to start an emergency fund, fast-track student loan repayment or just put some extra cash in your pocket, there are plenty of ways to make money online from home in Canada.

If you’re a student, working professional, stay at home parent or anything in between, there are earning opportunities available to you. Through your skills, experiences, hard work or time, you can make money from home to help reach your financial goals.

The 60+ different platforms, apps and ideas below vary in revenue potential, specific expertise needed and overall time commitment.

There is one consistent theme throughout though: you can make money online from home in Canada.

Start Your Own Online Business

First on the list, is starting your own online business. Some of the examples below will ladder up into this concept while others will be more of the one-off types of money making opportunities.

The ideal scenario if that you have an idea to make money online from home that can scale and grow. Some ideas that can grow in time to be full fledged businesses include:

Starting a blog
Launching an ecommerce site
Turning your freelancing work into an agency
Begin a YouTube product review channel

Keep that scalability mindset as a priority while you continue to generate income from home. Here are some great online courses from Udemy that might help spark a business idea or teach you the new skills necessary.

What do you enjoy? Are there specific skills or experience you would deem strengths? How can you make money with those?

Try to find a way to weave that into a work at home side hustle business.

Take Paid Surveys Online

One of the easiest ways to make money online from home with the least barriers to entry is taking online surveys.

You’re essentially sharing your opinion with research companies in exchange for cash. Once you’re ready to get paid you can get your money via cheque, PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Each of these websites are free to join.

You won’t get rich quick but you can easily earn a couple hundred per month by completing surveys in your spare time from your phone or computer.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks gives members 9+ ways to earn cash online including paid surveys. They also offer a FREE $5 welcome bonus to new user after signing up. Register today and get started with Swagbucks surveys.
Pinecone Research: Pinecone Research is one of the most popular survey sites for Canadians. They offer $3 per survey and those generally take 10-15 minutes to complete ($12 – $18 per hour).
Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie is another paid survey platform that offers the highest volume of surveys. There is always opportunities online and available to get paid for sharing your opinion. It’s free to join and you’ll be eligible to start earning right away.
DailyRewards: DailyRewards is the Canadian counterpart to the popular USA site InboxDollars. DailyRewards gives members a variety of ways to earn cash on their platform including paid surveys. Best of all they offer a FREE $5 bonus to new registrations.
Survey Rewardz: Last but not least is SurveyRewardz. They offer payouts of up to $10 per survey depending on the content and length.

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Freelance Write Online

If you have a knack for writing and an ability to showcase your expertise or unique opinion on a topic in words, freelance writing is a great way to make money online from home.

There are a variety of platforms available to source work and start getting paid.

Upwork: Upwork is a global freelancing platform full of writing opportunities.
ProBlogger: ProBlogger features a job board with writing opportunities for blogs in various viches.
Boost Media: Boost Media is another global service that connects writers (like you) with clients.
Fiverr: Fiverr is the largest online freelance platform and features a wide range in pay scale for freelancing writing work.

Become A Virtual Assistant At Home In Canada

The borderless digital world has opened the door to a whole new work at home job: the virtual assistant.

The range of work being performed really varies on the people you’d be working with. This could be managing emails and social media feeds for a larger scale company or doing outreach on behalf of an entrepreneur.

There are plenty of options available to find job opportunities, here are 3 starters (Google “Work as a VA Canada” and you’ll get dozens):

Virtual Assistant Canada

The opportunities are endless and this type of position is only going to become more in demand and lucrative in the future.

Earn Free Cash Back On Online Purchases

If you shop online from home, you’re leaving free money on the table if you aren’t using a cash back service.

These payouts generally range from 4% – 50% depending on the product and total price of what you’re buying. The companies earn a commission for referring your sale to the retailer (at no extra charge to you) and kick back a portion of that to you.

Some of the best Canadian companies are:

Ebates: Ebates has affiliations with almost every major retailer (2,500+ stores and counting) including Amazon, eBay, Indigo, GroupOn, Expedia, etc. Plus you can get $5 for FREE when you register with Ebates Canada today.
BeFrugal: BeFrugal is another cash back platform to help you earn free money back on your online shopping purchases. BeFrugal has relationships with over 5,000 retailers and you can receive a FREE $10 welcome bonus and start earning cash back.
Great Canadian Rebates: Great Canadian Rebates is another cashback site for those of us North of the border. They have relationships with over 500 merchants including all the big names you’d expect like Amazon, eBay, Expedia and so on. Sign up today and starting earn free cash back.

You’re just following your normal spending habits but making free cash back. It won’t make you rich but you’re leaving free money on the table if you aren’t taking advantage.

Perform Data Entry Jobs From Home

With access to a computer and a decent understanding of Excel (or other database management tools), you have the ability to secure data entry work.

The duties performed might included update customer information, inputting sales or digital traffic results and financial tracking details.

More and more companies are turning to remote data support giving you another opportunity to make money online from home.

The Smart Crowd

Freelance Your Design Skills

If you’re skilled in photo editing, video editing or graphic design you can make money from home in Canada.

Content creators, YouTubers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and influencers are all looking for support. That’s where you can come in and provide the solution to their design needs. Dozens of directories can connect you to potential clients, including:


Depending on the size and scale of the work required, the profit potential is huge.

Get Paid To Watch Videos At Home In Canada

If you have free time on the couch or computer when getting some well deserved R&R, you can make money watching videos.

Yes, just for watching videos.

Two of these digital rewards platforms are:

Swagbucks: One of the 9+ ways to make money online with Swagbucks is by watching videos. That’s it! Plus you can get the free $5 welcome bonus after signing up.
DailyRewards: DailyRewards is a similar service to Swagbucks as they offer multiple ways to generate free cash, including videos. And just like Swagbucks, there is a free $5 registration bonus.

These companies pay members to watch videos, movie trailers, music videos, viral videos and so on

Start An Amazon FBA Company

Have you heard of FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)? If not here it is as defined by Amazon:

You sell it, we ship it. Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers.

Thousands of people are making serious money online from home with FBA. It can be a confusing concept but this step-by-step guide on how to start an Amazon FBA private label business will fill you in.

Earn Cash Back On Groceries With Checkout 51

Another opportunity to make some quick cash on the money you’re already spending is with Checkout 51.

Checkout 51 is an app that rewards you with cash back on your grocery and household items purchases. The app is free and there are new offers published every week.

The cash back ranges from $1 – $10+ depending on the product purchased. You just need to upload a photo of your receipt after you get back home. Once you’ve generated $20 in total rewards, you can cash out a cheque to be sent directly to your home.

You can also get $5 free as a welcome bonus for being a new member of Checkout 51.

Launch An Online Course

Share your expertise and knowledge in a given subject by building out an online course. The marketplace for online courses continue to provide accessible opportunities to sell them through great platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable and others.

The format for delivering your course matter is flexible too.

Whether you feel more comfortable on video or creating written lessons with slides, there are plenty of ways to make money from home with courses.

There are even courses online on how to design and prepare courses.

Make Money Dog Sitting At Home In Canada

What if you could make money from home watching and hanging out with dogs? Rover lets you do just that.

Locals in your city are looking for trusted pet sitters to watch their pets and best of all, willing to pay for it. It might be for a few hours in the evening or extended stays over a weekend.

Rover connects you with locals that are highly motivated to find a trustworthy sitter. Earning $500+ monthly just from weekend dog sitting isn’t out of the question.

Sell Your Clutter For Cash

Have you done a audit of all the “stuff” you’re storing around your place lately? How much of that “stuff” continues to bring value to your life?

Most of us tend to naturally hold onto things and if not truly essential to everyday life they end up under the bed, storage units, closets, shelves, etc. Turn that clutter to cash with only minimal work needed on your end. Organize the different items you deem unnecessary, clean them up, take some photos and get them listed for sale.

There are plenty of other platforms like eBay, Craiglist and Amazon to turn that clutter to cash from home.

Let Paribus Get You Money Back

Paribus is a free service that can make you money by saving you money through price monitoring your recent purchases.

Most stores offer a price match within a specific time period should they drop the price of an item you bought. However, tracking and keeping up to date on that can be difficult. That’s where Paribus comes in. To date they’ve helped members save over $15 million.

You can sign up today for free and let Paribus go to work for you on making (saving) you money.

Become An Affiliate Marketer From Home

If you have an online presence or audience, whether it’s a blog, podcast, social media, online communities, forums, etc., there’s an opportunity to generate revenue by recommended relevant products and services.

Almost any niche has dozens, if not hundreds, of potential affiliate companies waiting to pay you to make referrals.

Travel, video games, health, finances, cooking, parenting, sports and so on. No matter what your hobby, expertise or interests are, there are affiliates available.

Affiliate networks like the ones listed below help connect you to these companies. After approved you get a unique link that tracks the activity you send back to their products and services.

Impact Radius
Commission Junction

If you refer a sale, you get paid a commission.

Make Money From Your Electronics, DVDs and Collectibles With Decluttr

Decluttr connects you with potential buyers all over the Internet and help you turn those excess electronics, dvds and collectibles to quick cash. They have a free instant valuation tool that quickly analyzes your items to ensure you’re listing it for as much as possible.

No auctions, no fees and an easy to use app (or web) platform. Plus you can access free to shipping, insurance coverage on your items and get paid directly via direct deposit, PayPal or check.

Register for free and get started today with Decluttr.

Turn Trends And Style Into T-Shirts With CafePress

CafePress is a print-on-demand service so there’s no overhead or physical goods needed to start your clothing empire.

If you’re witty, quick and socially savvy to promote it, the sky’s the limit with CafePress.

Try to take advantage of “viral” moments in pop culture and world. If you’re one of the first to market to sell the product, you can make some serious money from home.

Sell Your DSLR Photos Online

If you fancy yourself a photographer, you can make money selling photos to a stock image website.

You know all those images bloggers, new publications and content creators use on their websites? The majority of those are stock images sold to aggregator websites that are then purchased by those writers and creators to feature in their publication.

You can turn your photos to cash by selling the rights to these aggregators.


There are dozens of others with a quick Google search depending on the type of photos you’re looking to sell.

Tutor Online With VIPKID

VIPKID is an online video chat platform that teaches English to students in China. VIPKID pays $14 – $22 per hour. The hours are flexible around your schedule, the work is location independent and the outcome is both financially and intrinsically rewarding. You teach 25 minute lessons that require minimal prep or post work.

In order to be eligible you must:

Be a native English speaker with a North American accent
Have completed a bachelor’s degree
One year experience with youth – this can be VERY flexible teaching, coaching, Sunday school, scout leader, tutoring, swimming lessons, etc.

After applying and getting accepted you will receive some onboarding from an existing teacher. From the editorials I’ve read, it’s quick and easy to get the hang of things plus find ways to earn more through the platform.

If you meet the criteria, give VIPKID and start making money from home.

Run Facebook Ads Online From Home

A work from home opportunity that is becoming increasingly popular is becoming a Facebook ads manager.

What does this entail? Setting up, managing and optimizing Facebook ads for other businesses. These could be small businesses in your local area like dentists, lawyers, restaurants, doctors and so forth. Companies from industries like this need customers and are willing to pay to secure them.

It’s not as difficult as it seems and you don’t need to be a digital marketing genius or tech wizard to get started. Laptop Empires, a company formed by Bobby Hoyt and Mike Yanda, have launched a popular, affordable and effective course outlining everything you need to know.

Launch An Etsy Store

There are thousands of success stories from people launching Etsy stores to create a serious revenue stream.

So what can you offer to the marketplace? DIY crafts, clothes, household items, beauty products, woodwork, artwork, board gamesand dozens of other categories.

The website and system is developed to make ecommerce accessible and easy to manage for all involved. You just need to focus on the production and promotion of your products, let Etsy handle all the backend details.

Start big or start small, just get started if you’ve got something unique to offer.

Make Money From Home In Canada By Translating

If you’re proficient in English and possess reading, writing and oral comprehension of another language, translation services will pay for your support.

Best of all you can do it from the comforts of you own home.

Two services available to you are:

Verbling: Verbling is an online language-learning platform that connects prospective learners with qualified teachers. The teaching sessions are done online through video chat. Your earning expectation with Verbling falls in the range of $14 – $25 per hour.
Unbabel: Unbabel offers translation jobs for 28 different languages, so if you’re bilingual you should find a fit. The more experience you get and faster you complete your translation tasks, the higher your rate will be. You can work remotely as well through the Unbabel mobile app.

Depending on the type of work being translated, you can earn even more by doing this directly with clients as opposed to a service directory like the two above.

Stream Video Games On Twitch

This one definitely won’t be an option for everybody. However, there are people making well over six figures by streaming themselves playing video games on Twitch.

Yes, video games.

eSports and gaming have blown up over the last 5 years becoming a money making opportunity for those with talent and personality.

Fortnite, Counter Strike, League of Legends, Madden, etc., no matter what game it is, there is an audience tuning in online to watch people play. These streamers make money from sponsorships and donations from fans. If you’ve got some gaming skills and think you can entertain an audience, check out Twitch.

Try Even More Paid Survey Sites Online

One of the ways to make money online from home in Canada we noted above was by completing paid surveys. Well, there are even more platforms for you to share your opinion and earn cash for doing so.

iSAY Ipsos Survey Panel: iSAY is a big survey panel company, owned by Ipsos, providing Canadians the opportunity to share their opinion for money.
Harris Poll Online: Harris Poll Online Canada has over 50 years in the business and is among the world’s oldest online market research companies. It’s 100% free to join and you’ll be able to make money by sharing your opinion on products, services, government and other topics.


Make Money From Home As A Transcriber

Transcribing standalone audio files or the audio from videos is another money making opportunity at home for Canadians.

With a computer, decent typing skills and fluency in English you’re eligible to apply. Here are 3 service providers (there are many more with a quick Google search) to get you started:


Become A Bookkeeper

Businesses need to keep their finances, customer information and records up to date. Given the scope of work for most record keeping is transitioning to be almost entirely digital, you can perform these types of duties from home.

With a computer, phone and mindset for organization, you can earn cash as a bookkeeper from the comforts of your desk.

To learn more, check out this FREE bookkeeping course that has trained over 3,700 people.

Sell Your iPhone Photos For Cash

You don’t need a DSLR camera to make money by selling your photos. Smartphones are more powerful than ever and those amazing photos you’re snapping can be turned to cash.

iStock Photo

Earn Dividends (And Returns) Investing

It’s never been easier to start investing online from home thanks to the growth in FinTech. In a matter of minutes you can get your money working for you to build wealth.

Investing in the markets through index funds (or individual blue chip stocks) can be done through the click of a mouse or tap on the phone. You can generate long-term returns as the markets rise (read more on investing for beginners) or through dividend paying funds and stocks.

There are powerful apps ready to help you start building wealth in a cost-effective manner. Two of the most popular and preferred are:


Save Money Online With Honey

Honey is a great digital rewards platform that searches the internet for the best deals and coupons from their list of over 3,700 partner stores. They do all the work for you and make sure you’ll never miss a coupon or chance to save money.

You can download the free Honey App and install it into your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) to get alerted whenever there is a coupon available for the website you’re visiting.

Make Money From Home As A Customer Service Rep

This one is going to require some patience, problem solving skills, computer, phone and patience (…did I mention that already).

We’ve all been on the other side of the phone calling one of our utilities, subscriptions or service providers to inquire about a bill, technical issue or new promotion. Well you can make money being on that other end of that call as a customer service representative.

These types of jobs will be listed on all job directories like Indeed, Monster, FlexJobs and so on.

Improve And Clean Up Search Engines

The complex AI and algorithms behind search engines are smart, very smart, but they need support from real people.

That’s where you can come in.

Companies like The Smart Crowd hire people like you on behalf of the search engines to fix the errors. Their goal is to improve the results that search engines are providing members and your role is to help ensure that happens.

Proofread & Edit To Make Money At Home

Similar to writing, transcribing and translating, you can earn cash online through your proofreading and editing skills.

If you have a keen eye for detail and writing comprehension you can succeed in this area.

Head over to Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere and learn how you can start to make money online from home as a proofreader.

In Closing…How To Make Money Online From Home In Canada

There are ways to make money online from home as a Canadian no matter what skills or experience you possess. Whether it’s through your expertise or just sheer hustle, with time and a commitment can come serious earning potential.

It could equate to some extra cash to support your financial goals each month or develop into a life-changing wealth builder.

New opportunities to make money online will continue to emerge as trends and platforms shift.

What ways do you make money online from home?
How are you earning extra cash to support your financial goals?