Epstein Barr Symptoms – Signs of It and How To Kill It!


Today I’m going to share with you the leading epstein barr symptoms and some ideas on how not to get this problem. Epstein barr is a virus that is in the same family as herpes, chickenpox and shingles. Just like herpes once you get epstein barr it probably will stay dormant in your body for life. Now that you know it’s connected with herpes, what do you think is one of the main ways a person can get the virus?

Yes, the most common way is through coming into close contact with someone and kissing them. According to CDC in America the most common symptom of this virus will be feeling more tired and exhausted than a person normally feels. There could be a sore throat, a fever and enlarged lymph nodes. I like to compare lymph nodes to prisons. Their job is to filter the bad guys that you don’t want and they also have some immune cells to help you. It makes sense that they can get bigger when you’re sick.

These lymph nodes are located in the neck region as well as under the arms. Another sign of epstein barr are swollen or enlarged glands. Glands make hormones, which are like little tiny messengers that travel around telling other things what to do. Lastly, there could be an enlarged spleen as well as a swollen liver. Both of these organs are used in filtering and cleaning your body.

The good news is that depending on how strong a person’s immune system is the symptoms will disappear, just like the flu or cold virus. On rare occasions the symptoms can last months and that isn’t good. When you get sick the body blasts the bad guys and this creates free radicals. Free radicals contribute to aging and various health problems. Also, if you take any drugs to get well it also gives unwanted side effects and free radicals.

The CDC recommends that the best treatments involve supporting your body heal itself. This includes drinking tons of water, which helps the immune system and getting a lot of rest. Another very good idea, which many forget about is stress. Stress can wreak havoc on the immune system and dealing with it can be a challenge. What has helped me is breathing deeply and just focusing on that for a while. If you have any other ideas on dealing with stress please share in the comments below.

Another idea, which tons of people don’t know is there are many herbs that can do some very wonderful things. It is a shame that these herbs are not advertised more, but like most things in life it comes down to money. Drugs make people money and so the people who make them spend money on advertising. A few great ideas would be olive leaf extract, black cumin seeds as well as turmeric.

To sum everything up the leading epstein barr symptoms would be fatigue, a sore throat, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged glands, enlarged spleen and a swollen liver. To treat this ailment a person can drink a lot of water, get rest as well as take herbs such as olive leaf extract, black cumin seeds and turmeric.


Source by Kevin Whitsitt