Creative Marketing Concepts


In a room that’s full of people, how will you manage to stand out? The same predicament is faced by many start-up entrepreneurs today who engage in profitable but popular businesses – which is why the need for a creative marketing idea has emerged. Creative marketing concepts are necessary to be able to separate your business from everyone else’s. To avoid the crowd when everyone else is gunning for the same prize in the same way, it is best that you take detour and be innovative in your marketing strategies.

Marketing, mind you, has always been a big part of business. It is that which attracts potential customers and brings in the money. But apart from being important, marketing is also expensive and tricky. So an entrepreneur has to be careful of the type he chooses to apply for his business. Traditional advertising methods like radio and television streams have proven their strength in marketing. But they have also gained the reputation of being impractical in light of the financial constraints we all feel today. In replacement, a lot of new marketing methods have emerged like search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay-per-click ads. But these have also evolved to conventional marketing means and are patronized by a lot of congruent businesses. To some extent, its popularity has also made it lose its credibility.

Creative marketing concepts are hard to come by. And they may be a bit questionable to conservative marketers or those who are looking to save on costs. But considering that they are less explored and potentially captivating means for product or service promotion, these marketing ideas might just be that missing piece you should incorporate in your business to make it successful.

1.) Give away stuff.

If there’s one thing people love, it’s free stuff. If you want to get folks to flock to your business, give them an incentive. It can be a simple towel or an educational book they can download from your site. Just make sure that what you share is something relevant to your business. And make sure you don’t give away EVERYTHING. In replacement of stuff, you can give away free advice on something that is important and connected to your market.

2.) Establish your own YouTube channel (which is cheaper).

People love videos. Google loves videos. Ergo, make and post videos. Relate some to your business. Make some that are intriguing, funny, romantic – address all types of preferences and emotions. The good thing about videos is that they are viral and can be passed on from one person to another, thereby ensuring that your marketing campaign reaches a wide market base.

3.) Lend a hand.

Whether by funding charities or participating in fund-raising event, helping out is good publicity. Aside from this, it is also an opportunity for profitable exposure especially if you are targeting a local market.

4.) Attend conferences and tradeshows.

You not only get to get your goods out there, you also will be able to build you and your business reputation. Conferences and tradeshows spell legitimacy and a drive for development. Who knows, this marketing strategy may not only open doors for clientele support but partnerships as well.

Creative marketing concepts does not actually only involve flashy, colorful marketing mediums. In a broader sense, it means ingenuously and uniquely conceived ideas for business promotion.


Source by Greg Peter Candelario