Content Samurai Review – Best Automatic Article to Video Software

My Honest Content Samurai in 2019 – Is it the best article to video maker?

content samurai honest reviewIs Content Samurai the best article to video creator? Read on and decide for yourself.

What is Content Samurai?

content samurai review - how does it work

Content Samurai is an online video creator software (application) that helps you create fast, easy and professional-looking videos within minutes. It allows you to insert articles into the software and it automatically creates a good-looking video using the text from the article you inserted. It can also add great images, video backgrounds and even text to speech voices.

Content Samurai promises that you can “Create Stunning Videos Fast” with their app. You can use Content Samurai video creation software to turn articles, blog posts and shorter pieces of content into videos in minutes, or so the creators claim. I’ve spent a lot of money having freelancers create videos for me, so I figured I would give Content Samurai a shot.

What Is the Content Samurai Free Trial?

Content Samurai Free Trial

The monthly
fee for a paid membership was within my budget, but I tried something else
instead. The creators of this software will let you test-drive their product
for 7 days without paying a penny.

I love getting free trials on software, applications and courses before I spend any money, so I signed up. Here’s what I was pleasantly surprised to discover.

A lot of online courses give you a trial period for free. That’s the case here. However, many programs or courses only give you a watered down version of the software. That is definitely not the case here.

I always get a really good impression from companies that let you try their full product for free. This tells me something, it tells me that Content Samurai are confident in their product which is a good thing.

And then
there’s this.

During your free 7-day trial period you can create as many videos as you like. That’s right, make as many videos as you can crank out. And here’s the great part. After that free trial period is over, even if you don’t pay the monthly fee for more content samurai features, you get to keep every one of those videos.

This was a
no-brainer decision maker for me. I got a full week to decide whether I wanted
to become a paying member. I made a few videos using the automatic text to
video software and I must admit I was surprised.

The software
quickly turns articles and other content into videos. It’s a simple process (I
like that since I’m not the most tech-capable guy).  More importantly, I got videos ranking high
for my target keywords!

Those videos were only up on YouTube for a few minutes before
they started ranking high in Google.

But I’m
getting ahead of myself. Let me walk you through what happens when you sign up.

Up – How to Use Content Samurai

Sign up for
free with your best email address. You don’t need to register a credit card,
which I really like. You’re immediately taken to a “Welcome” video.
You also receive a “Welcome” email.

Don’t go to
your email yet. Watch the video that pops up. (You can also click on
“Watch later” if you don’t have the time right now.)

This welcome video explains that you can make an unlimited number of videos.You can keep them forever and use them however you like. You are told about the email you receive that contains step-by-step instructions and more video help introducing you to this automatic video maker software.

After the
short video, head over to your email inbox. You receive a welcome from one of
the software’s founders, Anthony Fernando. Click on the provided link to create
a password and get started.

I like that
the video was only 5 minutes long. You can stop the video whenever you like if
you need to. You can also view this video directly from the Content Samurai
website, or watch it on YouTube.

It doesn’t
matter if you have never created a video before. (I hadn’t.) Follow the how-to,
step-by-step instructions and you can create a video in just a few minutes.

You’re told
to click the blue “Create a New Video” button at the upper right
corner of your dashboard. Then you go through a 4-step process.

The first
step is easy. (They all are, actually.)

Step #1 – Browse the video templates and select one. Choose from the following options and grab the template you like.

content samurai article to video creator

can create a video for social media sites like Facebook and TwitterMake
a video from an article or blog postCreate
a sales videoMake
videos for an online courseWhip
together a professional looking property listing video

The narrator
chooses to create a social media video, then selects a template. Once you
figure out what template you’re going to use, just click on the big button that
says “Use This Template”.

Step #2 – You are taken to a “Script Screen”.

content samurai reviews

Here is
where you add a title for your video. Then you enter the video script. You can
type directly in the text box if you like. I wrote a video script in Word and
simply copied and pasted it into the text box.

Step #3 – Click the “Create Scenes for Your Video” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen after you’ve added your script and video title. Here’s where you try your hand at becoming the next Steven Spielberg!

content samurai best article to video app

Don’t worry.
This is super easy. I was a little intimidated going into this but the software
makes it simple and it’s very easy to understand. Probably the part I liked the
most is the fact that your video has already been created at this point!

Your video
script is broken into 1-sentence scenes. When you’re adding your script, whatever
you write in a paragraph is going to be what you see as the text for a scene in
your video. Don’t worry. If this sounds confusing, you will instantly see what
I’m talking about when you get to this step.

If you like how your video looks, you’re done! All you have
to do is save the video and begin using it to build your business.

If you want
to make changes, you can do that. To make changes, click on one or more of the
3 tabs at the top of the editing bar on the left of the screen. They are …

1 – Media

2 –

3 – Style

“Media” if you want to change the video in any scene. If you don’t
have any great videos, don’t worry. Content Samurai provides tons of videos for
you to choose from … 480,000 video clips to be precise! (You can also
choose from literally millions of high quality images if you prefer.)

Use the search feature to find a video that matches the text in your scene. If you would prefer to use an image rather than a video clip, you can do that.

This next
feature is really amazing, at least to me. As you are creating scenes, the
software will suggest keywords from your script. All you have to do is click on
one of the keywords and you are instantly presented with videos and images
related to that keyword.

This can
really help you match your video to your script. You add the video or image to
your scene simply by clicking on it.

Okay, you
have the pictures or videos you want for all your scenes. You can change the
position of your text by clicking on the “Layouts” button. Your scene
is divided into 9 positional squares. Choose where you want your text to go,
click on that square, and you’re done.

Make any
edits you need to in every scene. When you’re ready to add narration to your
videos move to the next step.

Step #4 – Adding a voice track, your own voice or music is as easy as clicking the button that says “Add Voice Track to Your Video”.

content samurai review 2019

This option
is located at the bottom of your scene editor. You have the following voice
track options.

Your Own Voice TrackUpload
a Voice Track

During this
instructional video the “Music Only” option was chosen. There are
plenty of how-to videos you have access to that will walk you through the other
options here.

When you are
first checking out the software, choose “Music Only” and then click
the blue “Preview Your Video” button in the middle of the screen.
You’ll be taken to a preview screen where a random music track has been chosen
for you.

Click the
“Play” button and preview your video. If you like what you see in
here, congratulations … you have just made your first Content Samurai video
in only a few minutes.

On the
editing bar on the left-hand side of your screen you can select different music
provided with the software. You can also add your own music files. What is
really awesome is you can manually adjust the timing of the music in your scene
so you can get just the right effect.

When you’re
happy with the music, click the blue “Looks Good Continue” button.
Then select the “Generate” button on your next screen and you’re

When the
software is finished, simply click on the “Download Your Video”
button and use your videos wherever and however you like.

Instructional Videos Are Provided If You Want to Do More

Look at the
screenshot I attached above. I want you to look at the left sidebar. The #01
“Getting Started” video is what I just walked you through. You can
see there are more video instructions. The videos are between 2 and 5 minutes
long each, so it doesn’t take long at all to become acquainted with the
software. The 5 additional training videos include the following topics.

#01 – Getting Started#02 – Video Clips#03 – Voice over Tracks#04 – Branding Your Videos#05 – Top 5 Ways

How to
Start Using the Content Samurai App

When you
feel comfortable with the training you have received, you can start using the
app on your own. Click the blue “Click Here to Start Using the App”
button below the video player to get started.

You are
taken to your dashboard. This will look familiar because it is exactly like the
dashboard used in your training videos.

Before you
click on the getting started button, scroll down the page. You’ll see
“Help Center ” and “Community” options.

“Help Center” should be pretty straightforward. Go here when you need
help! This is where you’ll find training videos and troubleshooting guides. You
also get shortcuts, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the software.

Select the
“Community” button if you want other Content Samurai subscribers to
give you feedback on your videos. You will be taken to a private Facebook
group. This is only for Content Samurai users. There are also support team
members, helpful video instruction and other benefits of joining this Facebook

whenever you are ready to make a video, just click the “Create a New
Video” button at the top right of the screen when you log into your

Samurai Pricing

I mentioned
the free 7-day trial. After that, how much does this articles to video software
cost? During your trial period the company offers you to sign up as a paid
member at a substantial discount. Log into your free account and look for a
banner at the top of the page.

The current content samurai discount cost is just $29 each month, 40% off the regular $47 monthly fee. (NOTE: Prices may change. If you like the discounted monthly fee I would recommend grabbing it in case it goes up.)

Here Are
a Few Content Samurai Examples

Would you like to see some examples of what you can do with this text to video software? Take a lot at these videos that only took me a few minutes to create.

Can Content Samurai Videos Rank In Google and YouTube?

I did a quick test, created a video targeting a easy to rank for keyword.

I used the auto voice feature which I read YouTube doesn’t like and that they don’t rank.

And I never believe what people say about SEO, especially myths. Instead I test it and see results for myself.

I saw my video on page one of Google within minutes and uploading the video. See screenshot below.

content samurai for youtube videos

It took 10 minutes to show on page one of Google under the videos section but on the main “all” section of search. So I think content samurai can be a great way to get traffic off Google in any niche.

Use PLR articles and turn them into videos, target low competition keywords in your niche and you’ll see results.

Content Samurai Review Wrap-Up

How do I feel about this product? I love it. I’m not going to sugarcoat
my opinion here. Anyone can enjoy a free trial offer. I certainly did.
By the second day of using the content samurai text to speech app I was
creating videos in minutes that ranked in Google for the keywords I was

I’m so pleased with this software that I have been paying a monthly membership fee ever since my free trial expired. I use Content Samurai for YouTube affiliate marketing. You can too. Just add a link to your affiliate offers in your video descriptions. I also turn plr articles into videos. That’s right, I don’t have to write anything. I just create videos from plr content.

engages your prospects like simple text never will. If you use videos in any
stage of your marketing plan, I recommend checking out Content Samurai. The
7-day trial is free, and you don’t have to register a credit card.

The video
instruction is excellent. There’s plenty of support. You can find me in the
Facebook group a few times a week. I use Content Samurai all the time to
convert articles to video for myself and my clients. You can use Content
Samurai videos to get traffic on YouTube, to post on your blog, or engage on
social media.

With a 7-day Content Samurai free trial and no money on the line, what do you have to lose? The answer is nothing. Join me in the Content Samurai community and start creating great looking videos in just a few minutes.

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