Case Study: How This Mental Health Blog Can Make More Money (By Removing Banner Ads)

For this case study, we’re going to look at a blog of one of my email subscribers. Her name is Faith and she runs a mental health blog called Radical Transformation Project.

She runs a personal blog on how to overcome depression and “kick ass”. 🙂 One thing I really appreciate about her blog is that she seems to be looking to deal with the issue without drugs. I appreciate that.

But, I’m here to talk about her blog – not her topic. Her stats are actually pretty good…

She reported a monthly traffic volume of 50,000 and an email list of 6,000 subscribers. Pretty good! A lot of her traffic appears to be coming in from Pinterest. She makes these really large post graphics that apparently do the deed on Pinterest.

In terms of revenue, she asked me not to give specifics and so I won’t. In terms of percentages, though, about 80% of her monthly revenue comes from affiliate marketing and the other 20% from the banner ads she has all over the place (which I’ll be addressing).

What S…