Blog Layouts: Is YOUR Blog Designed According To These Conversion Blueprints?

Research has shown that an attractive person is likely to earn an average of 3% to 4% more than a person with below average looks – and over the course of a lifetime, that adds up to about $230,000 in additional income.

At least that is the findings of Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor at the University of Texas, and author of Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.

Now, you can put as much stock (or lack thereof) in that study as you want, but I think we all know that people often do make snap judgements based on appearance. It goes for people…

… but it also goes for blogs.

People will make a snap judgement about your blog based on it’s design.

Now, the idea of what is good-looking and not is often quite subjective, however there ARE certain things which are very concrete and real that we should pay attention to.

We’re talking about design frameworks, proportions, and how things are laid out on the screen so that they’re most likely to be noticed and acted upon.

If we’re going to use a blog as an effective marketing vehicle, then it has to be set up for conversions…