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Protecting My Business: Why Your Payments May Be Delayed

Delayed payments…

No one likes waiting for their money.

Although the government shutdown through most of January 2019 is over, sources like Forbes are saying that IRS tax refunds in the U.S. will be delayed.

But, in some cases, delayed payments are a good thing.

On JVZoo, delayed payments are a perfect way for an affiliate and a seller to create a relationship of trust.

JVZoo does everything possible to make sure you don’t run into any hiccups in running your business…that’s why we have ALWAYS given Sellers the option to select instant or delayed payments for affiliates. When using delayed payments you may release payments via Paypal, Stripe, Merchant Accounts, or however you choose.

As a seller, placing an affiliate on delayed is beneficial when you don’t know the person. Placing an affiliate on delayed and allows them to promote the product and prove that they are who they say they are…and not someone who is trying to do something underhanded.

Placing an affiliate on delayed payments not saying to the affiliate they will NEVER receive instant payments; it’s just saying not now.

A seller can switch an affiliate to instant payments once they have established themselves as trustworthy. Selecting delayed payments is also a great way to see how serious a person is about promoting your product.

If a person has no history of sales or a very low history of sales, delayed is the best way to go.

2 Good Rules of thumb:

Do not set your products on Auto-Approve during set-up.
Never approve someone for instant payments that you do not know.

Why not?


So, how does this kind of fraud work?

Scammers will have a ring of people with one individual who has good sales history who asks to promote your product. Since they have a sales history, you decide to approve them. Then, with multiple credit cards, they will purchase your product. Once they have the commission in their PayPal account, they start the refund process. They get to keep the commission and the PayPal buyback process leaves you “holding the bag.”

It sounds awful, but it does sometimes happen to sellers…but you can protect yourself and your business by using delayed payments.

So what’s the difference between instant and delayed payments?

If an Affiliate is on Delayed payments, commissions are not automatically paid at the time of sale. The seller will release the payment to the affiliate after the refund period of 90 days. However, the seller may release the funds to the affiliate before 90 days, but that is in the sole discretion of the seller.

JVZoo does not recommend releasing commission early until you have built a working relationship with the affiliate.

Instant Payments release commissions immediately at the time of sale when a customer checks out using PayPal.  If the seller uses Stripe or to process payments the commission will be Deferred, even if the Affiliate is set to instant payments.

Delayed and Instant now applies to every product in the funnel. Get affiliates to request only ONE of the front end products.

When you are deciding which level of approval to apply to an affiliate, you can choose one of the following:

All Products – Auto Approve this user for all of my products for instant commissions (past and future) – ONLY for affiliates you have a long history with!
Delayed – will pay commissions after you decide the affiliates is trustworthy or after the refund period.
All affiliates should be approved for “delayed commissions”until you have a working relationship with them.
Instant – will pay this affiliate instant commissions on all sales – for trusted affiliates ONLY.
Deny – This is for someone who you know is not trustworthy and you do not wish to approve their request.

While we actively take measures to prevent fraud and quickly remove users who do not abide by our policies, we believe our network is strongest when we all work together.

Vendors placing affiliates they do not know personally on delayed allows the refund period to pass prior to payments being released. This is typically 60 days…so our 90 Day delayed payment policy should protect you. This also brings refund rates on the network down overall and we can quickly identify and remove any users not behaving properly on the platform.

For affiliates with whom you have established trust, JVZoo now allows you to move an affiliate’s commission from the delayed payout screen to the manual payout screen so that you can pay your affiliate faster or by a means other than PayPal. Learn more HERE.

If YOU are an affiliate, and you are worried about being lumped in with the bad behavior of others by PayPal, JVZoo now gives users the option to place themselves on delayed commission, rather than only allowing the Seller to place them on delayed.  Learn how HERE.

The U.S. government may cause frustration with delayed tax refund payments. But, they are the ones in control of how and when the money is distributed.

You too can control the distribution of money being paid out in commissions on JVZoo so that you are well protected from any dishonest people. Now that you have read through this article, you should feel more confident about using delayed payments so that you can continue to grow and thrive online.

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JVZoo Interviews: Ben Murray – PlayPix & Top Tips for a Successful Launch

Ben Murray was one of JVZoo’s Top Ten Affiliates in 2017 AND 2018.

Ben is the creator of some top-selling products such as VidCurator FX, Vidmonial, and now his latest >> Play Pix.

His best advice: be sure to TEST your products out and be sure they are working properly prior to launch.

Want to know how he got to be one of JVZoo’s High-Performance Leaders?

Check out the interview below:

Grab PlayPix HERE:

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Complete & Total Wellbeing: Your To Do’s For The New Year – Giant PLR Pack

Product Name: Complete & Total Wellbeing: Your To Do’s For The New Year – Giant PLR Pack

Author: JR Lang

My Honest Complete & Total Wellbeing: Your To Do’s For The New Year – Giant PLR Pack Review and You Get To Choose Your Bonuses.

Why Should You Complete & Total Wellbeing: Your To Do’s For The New Year – Giant PLR Pack?

Wellbeing And Wellness Are Always Hot Topics And With The New Year Approaching People Of All Ages Will Be Looking To Improve Their Wellbeing On All Levels As Millions Set Their Minds To New Year Resolutions

But According To U.s. News… About 80% Of Resolutions Fail By Week 2 Of February Give Your Audience A Useful Alternative With Concrete To Do’s To Improve Their Wellbeing Instead Of The Useless Impulsive Resolutions People Make And Never Keep Ideal For All Health, Wellness, Personal Development And Growth Niches And Target Audiences

Grab A Piece Of This Huge And Timely Market ou Now Have The Opportunity To Deliver Key Information
That Millions Of People Need With The Highest Quality Content In Various Media That You Can Be Proud To Share With Your Audience

All The Research And Hard Work Has Been Done For You To Reach This Massive Audience!

Including A Ton Of Diverse Content And Many Editable Source Files So You Can Use It In Unlimited Ways With 6 Reports, 3 Quality Editable Hd Videos, 9 Email Newsletters, 27 Long Articles, 5 Editable Infographics, And More…

Grab the Complete & Total Wellbeing Giant PLR Pack today at the lowest possible price

What Exactly is Included in Complete & Total Wellbeing: Your To Do’s For The New Year – Giant PLR Pack?

Grab the Diabetes PLR Mega Package today at the lowest possible price


Note: Except for the eBook sales video, the video samples have been shortened in length for demo purposes and you will get full un-watermarked versions

Grab the Complete & Total Wellbeing Giant PLR Pack today at the lowest possible price

Your Bonuses

19 Page Report Holistic Development Of The Whole Person


Editable Word &
Fully Formatted PDF
6 Styles Of Covers
w/Editable Powerpoint
Custom Squeeze Page

(19 Pages/4,076 Words)

Editable/Printable Cheat Sheet: 50 Empowering Thoughts For A Better You

Editable Word & Fully Formatted PDF

Cheat Sheet Graphic: 50 Empowering Thoughts For A Better You

Editable Powerpoint, Web Ready PNG & PDF

7 Quality Articles

5 Elements Of Holistic Wellness For Balance In Your Life – 646 Words 5 Questions To Assess Your Overall Wellness – 662 Words Achieving Balance In A Diet Plan – 603 Words Mineral Balancing 101 – 638 Words Physical Wellness 101 – 608 Words The Journey To Being Well Begins With You – 666 Words What Is Holistic Wellness? – 615 Words

Editable HD Video 10 Reasons To Embrace Personal Development


Easily Editable Powerpoint Source File
Professional Voiceover
Voiceover Script – 500 Words
2 DVD eCover Graphics

—-Video Length: 3 Minutes —-


Note: the video samples is shortened in length for demo purposes.
you will get a full un-watermarked version

Grab the Complete & Total Wellbeing Giant PLR Pack today at the lowest possible price

This Package Is
Truly A No Brainer!

Just One Of The Videos or Infographics Will Cost You More Than 5X What This Whole Pack Costs!


You Are Getting
3 Quality Videos, 6 Reports, 8 Newsletters Plus…

5 Infographics, 40 Tweets, 20 Quality New Articles, Great Bonuses and More

With More than
55,000 Words Of Written Content

THE MANY HOURS OF research and writing time or money in outsourcing savings is priceless!


How You Can Use This Content

Edit As You Wish
Brand the eBooks & Sell As Your Own
Build Newsletter Lists
Turn It Into Countless Reports
Use It To Promote Existing Sites
Use It To Build New Sites
Turn The Content Into More eBooks
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Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Grab the Complete & Total Wellbeing Giant PLR Pack today at the lowest possible price

Ways To Use This Content

Brand and create your own productsEducate your clients, web visitors and blog subscribersEstablish yourself as an authority in the niche
Build your lists and give elements as bonuses to subscribers
Create webinarsSend the information in newslettersMonetize with affiliate links and make killer commissions/use on affiliate sitesUse slideshows, videos and PDF files for site promotion on Slideshare, Scrbd, DocStoc etc…Create webinarsTurn articles into an eBook and sell it or give it awayCreate an entire site with all the content or mix it up to create loads of unique content.Create many unique slideshows to post on your sites and/or use for promotion to get traffic for your sitesTurn the PLR into videos, post on your sites, or for promotion on Vimeo, Youtube, etc.Convert the PLR to audioCreate podcastsCreate special reportsUse on Facebook and TwitterAdd it to an existing related productGive reports or eBooks as a bonus when someone makes a purchase with your affiliate linkCreate blogs with itUse infographics to promote sites, on social media and on your sites.Use it on your sites, create many posts or giant authority postsUse audio voiceover files to create podcasts, or make more videosCreate an ENTIRE COMPLETE WEBSITE with all the information included

License Details

[YES] Can be edited in any way
[YES] Can be branded and sold ONLY with personal use rights
[YES] Can give away parts for free to lists or as bonuses (with personal use rights)
[YES] Can put your name as the author
[YES] Can be used as eCourse and webinar material
[YES] Can be published on your websites and blogs
[YES] Can be added to membership sites for personal information uses
[YES] Can be packaged with other personal use products
[YES] Can be used on article marketing sites, i.e. Ezine Articles
[YES] Can be translated to other languages
[YES] Post videos to YouTube, video sites and your own sites
[NO] Cannot claim copyright to any of the music files, videos or eBooks
(unless ebook is completely rewritten) this is common sense with PLR as
multiple users cannot claim copyright
[NO] Cannot sell any of the music files on their own or use them (samples) to create copyrighted work
[NO] Cannot resell the pack in its entirety
[NO] Cannot give, sell or pass any of the Editable Source Files to others
[NO] Cannot use my name as author
[NO] Cannot sell or give away Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights
[NO] Cannot be offered on any sites that’s sole purpose is to sell or giveaway PLR/MRR products
[NO] Cannot offer through auction websites with PLR rights, Master Resale Rights Or Resale Rights

What Complete & Total Wellbeing Review Bonuses Can I choose From?

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How To Get Paid For Your Knowledge

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Brave Payments: Could This Be The Future Of Monetization For Content Creators?

The ad industry is broken. User privacy is being abused. Sites get deplatformed. Could the Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token be a potential solution – and a new option for blog monetization?

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Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO Package Review And Bonus

Product Name: Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO

Author: Kate Rieger

Secrets to The Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO Package Review and Choose Your Bonus

What is The Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO Package?

Secrets of Pain Relief!

Ebook “Secrets of Pain Relief” 7,000+ Words, 40 pages, 28 illustrations20 Mini-Posts over 4,000 words with quick tipsFX Video: Relieve Chronic Inflammation  – Without Prescription Medications12 Premium articles 400+ words each3-pg Best Seller Book Review 1,200 words2 5-pg Newsletters

Grab the Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO while it’s still on a launch special

Who is The Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO Package For?

Internet MarketersAffiliate MarketersDigital Product SellersContent MarketersMarketers looking to build their email lists.

Choose your own bonuses by buying the Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO NOW

What Exactly is Included in The Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO Package?


Secrets of Natural Pain Relief. The perfect audience for this product are people preferring alternative health solutions to prevent illness and address common ailments. Your readers will learn how yoga supports the systems giving relief to several chronic pain disorders. Brand and sell the eBook, use it as a lead generation tool, break it up into short articles, unlimited uses.

Share with confidence. The eBook was written by a subject matter expert, published author and health coach.

What’s Inside?

Over 7,000 words (40+ pages) guide.Ailments included are arthritis, back pain, chronic pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia.
Natural approaches include diet and lifestyle changes, well as complementary practices such as:

– Acupressure
– Acupuncture
– Aromatherapy
– Biofeedback
– Craniosacral Therapy
– Feldenkrais
– Hypnosis
– Kinesiology
– Meridian Therapy
– Prolotherapy
– Reflexology
– Reiki
– Shiatsu
– Tui Na

28+ royalty/attribution-free graphics
Editable DOC file included so you can freely edit the eBook as you wish.PDF version included.

Take a Peek Inside…


Mini Posts.

20 Tips and ideas for quick updates to social media. Each post is 200 words or more. Just add your Call-To-Action and you are set. You can also use this as another list building tool or gift to your subscribers. 4,000 words

20 Mini Posts Just Add Your Call-to-Action


Quality High-Definition Video (720p)

Preview is branded. You receive the UNBRANDED Video and may add your own branding.  Simple upload to YouTube for viral share.  Video is easily inserted into blog posts. Just add a title and introduction to the pose. Brand these with you logo and use as click-bait on Facebook.


12 Premium Articles

12 articles to publish to the web or purpose any way you wish.


3 page Bestseller Book Review

Remember Cliff Notes from high school? No?  Cliff Notes provided condensed version of a book which you could quickly read and then prepare a book report.

Let subscribers in on what you are reading with this Done-For-You book review.Post to your blog and monetize with your Amazon link if you wish.


Mini-Reports (Newsletters).

10 articles are repurposed into two 5-page (or more) newsletters. Monetize with your affiliate or product links, save as a PDF and distribute.You are an epic marketer!

Choose your own bonuses by buying the Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO NOW

Get access to:

MODULE 1: EBook: Secrets of Natural Pain Relief, 7,000 words; 40+ pagesMODULE 2: 20 Mini Posts Just Add Your Call-to-Action, 4,000 wordsMODULE 3: Quality High-Definition Video (720p)MODULE 4: 12 Premium ArticlesMODULE 5: 3 Page Bestseller Book ReviewMODULE 6: Two 5-Part Mini-Reports / NewslettersPlus: All with PowerPoint Ecover Template – Easy EditsPlus: All 6 Different Ecover Styles

Claim your Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO bonuses by grabbing this deal

License Pack:

And of course, you’ll get the Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights & Resell Rights Certificates

Click this link to see the Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO for yourself

What The Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO Package Review Bonuses Can I choose From?

Grab the Secrets to Natural Pain Relief PLR OTO today at the lowest possible price

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Merchant Accounts: What Are They and Do You Need One for Your Business?

Merchant accounts. What are they?

A merchant account simplifies the complex interactions that happen between you, your customers, the credit card companies, and the payment processors that communicate every time you accept a credit card payment.

Selling online is all about making it simple and easy for the customer to make the purchase. If you want to do business at all, of course you must be able to accept credit card payments. And in order to do so, you need to have a few things in place.

There are three different elements involved in online transactions:

Payment Gateway – Allows you to securely charge your customer’s credit/debit card with the purchase he/she makes online.
Payment Processor – These are the financial institutions that work in the background to provide all the payment processing services used by an online merchant. The payment processor connects to both the merchant account and payment gateway, quickly passing information back and forth, keeping it secure and almost instantaneous for the end user.
Merchant Accounts –  Sometimes referred to as Merchant IDs, these are the types of bank accounts that authorize merchants to accept credit or debit card payments online. These accounts are required if you want to use a payment gateway to process transactions from your website. In all cases, to get a merchant account, you must have some sort of arrangement with a payment processor to charge a customer’s credit/debit card.

Let’s take a look at how these three elements work together:

Joe goes to a website to purchase a product. He enters his credit card info and hits the buy button. In a few moments, all of the following happen:

Joe’s personal and CC info go to the payment gateway.
The transaction details are securely passed from the gateway to the payment processor.
The merchant ID is referenced and the transaction info goes to the merchant account.
The bank who issued the CC is also contacted to be sure Joe has the money or credit to make the purchase.
If the bank approves (or denies) the payment, the info is sent back through the payment processor and then back to the payment gateway to allow the transaction to move forward.
Joe sees a “transaction approved” (or denied) notice appear on his screen.
Once approved, Joe’s bank releases funds to the merchant account
After a period of time, the merchant account funds are available to automatically be moved to the seller’s business account. Interchange fees that go the credit card association and processing fees may apply.

So, why do you have to have a separate merchant account that you can’t actually use?

A merchant account is simply a holding place for the money the customer spends to buy your product. Since some transactions don’t go through, and multiple transactions may go through in one day, the funds are held in the merchant account for a couple of days to cover refunds and also to batch the transactions to reconcile more easily as one deposit to your business account.

Why should a business have a merchant account?

Having a merchant account ensures that you get paid properly, that banks don’t take a loss, and that the customer is protected from scams. Merchant accounts help with fraud prevention because a chain of events occurs to check and double check that the customer’s credit card is valid. Everyone is held accountable by the rules of the credit card agreement.

A merchant account is an option to look at if PayPal has banned or restricted your account…or if you are worried that it could happen. The big players in the industry use the merchant account method to avoid getting shut down by entities like PayPal. It’s an alternative.

What makes a merchant account hard to get?

There are a lot of options out there, so do your research. The most difficult first step to establishing a merchant account is the potential for dealing with a poorly educated sales team for a provider. If the sales team are not properly trained on the ins and outs of processing rates, contract terms, and overall details about the merchant account AND they are paid solely on commission, they could set you up for disaster.

Do your research on rates and fees, the length of the contract you are committing to, and any type of early termination fees. Read through the entire contract before being pressured into signing it. Don’t make hasty decisions, because missing items in the fine print could cost you big time later if you don’t look closely or allow a pushy sales agent to convince you that you are under a time crunch to make your decision.

Another difficulty you will run into is the amount of money that can be processed through your merchant account each month. If you go over your limit, your account could be frozen or you could be charged crazy high fees. Negotiate the terms and fees if you can. A marketer who has a history of huge launches will need to prove it with numbers and facts so that they can negotiate higher account limits.

Another method some marketers use is merchant account rotation. This is a system of 4-5 merchant accounts that are set up to “catch” the revenue in case the primary account goes over it’s limit or gets shut down. That’s another point of negotiation; either setting up multiple accounts with one provider or setting up accounts with more than one provider.

Once you find a quality provider, you’ll need to the following info:

Business name
Contact info
Tax info
Routing number and account number for your business account to accept deposits
An estimate of how much volume you plan to handle
Methods of payment you plan to accept
Average sales price
How many big launches you do per year (is your business seasonal)

You may have to have a credit check so that the provider can look into your history of handling money and fraud prevention.

Why is the IM industry considered high risk (or maybe considered high-risk depending on what the seller is selling)?

The fact that all transactions are completed online in a “card not present” situation, with the customer entering their credit card numbers in rather than swiping a physical card makes the internet marketing industry super high risk. Fraudulent credit card numbers are easy to come by for clever scammers. So, it’s likely you’ll need to jump through some hoops to get your merchant accounts set up.

Merchant accounts can seem pretty daunting at first, but they don’t have to be. It’s an option…and having options to protect your business are always worth considering.

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Productivity Success Kit PLR Review

Product Name: Productivity Success Kit PLR Review

Author: Chad Eljisr and James W. Brown

My Honest Productivity Success Kit PLR Review and You Get To Choose Your Bonuses.

Done-For-You 4-in-1 Productivity Toolbox With PLR That You Can Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits!

you know that your most precious resource is your TIME?… Think about
it: Time is the only thing you cannot get back whatever you do or how
much money you have.Though
we all have 24 hours in a day, it’s how we use those 24 hours that will
define our success and happiness. Why do some people look so calm and
as if they have all the time in the world while others appear harassed,
stressed, are late, and can never manage a deadline?  

The answer is Productivity and Time Management.

why so many people are always looking for ways to “hack” time and
that’s why Time Management training programs are so popular. 

face it, everyone needs a productivity boost now and then – sometimes
just to get out of bed, sometimes to finish a project on time. 

also very common to hear people frustrated about not being able to find
the right balance between their work and family life and how this is
affecting their quality of life.

we all want to improve our selfs, to be productive, to accomplish more,
to make more money, to get things done, to make more time for our
personal lives – and MOST important, spend our time on what truly matters for us.

There are literally millions of buyers across all niches who are ALWAYS on the lookout for new tips to inspire and motivate them to a higher level in life.

Grab the Productivity Success Kit PLR Review today at the lowest possible price


The Productivity Profit Funnel PLR Bundle

What is Productivity Success Kit?…

This is a 4-in-1 DFY Biz-In-A-Box in the hot in-demand Self Development niche and it comes with Private Label Rights.

This is a bundle of 4 best selling PLR products in the Productivity and Time Management Niche, covering different tools and techniques to create a laser-focused mind, get things done, save time and drive improved results in all areas of people’s lives.

You’re Getting A Premium Private Label Rights Super Pack!

You will have access to 4 mega PLR bundles of customizable content that covers how to leverage the power of Focus, Planning, Setting Goals, Productivity and Time Management.

Together, these 4 products will help you establish yourself in the Productivity nd Time Management Niche while creating profitable funnels. Sold separately, this bundle will cost almost $200 while during the special launch period it will be sold at a huge discount!

Here are the 4 products I am talking about:

1) Productivity Hacks
2) 90 Day Success Planning
3) Time Management Hacks
4) Focus For Success

Now you can build a full fledged funnel and be a serious player in the Productivity market!

What makes this PLR Mega Pack really special is that the content pack works well across a multitude of audiences and can be made applicable to ANY NICHE!

Whether your audience is entrepreneurs, employees, single moms, people on a diet or on a fitness program, students or anyone in between, you can build your very own Productivity and Goals Setting eBook or training course with this PLR bundle…

This 4-in-1 PLR Mega Pack is designed specifically to help YOU bring Productivity and Goal Setting quality information to your audience. Almost everyone wants to transform their life, get things done and take control of their calendar, so now you can step up and solve the problem for them.

You will get everything you need to build a targeted funnel that will help you build your list AND establish yourself as an authority with your OUTSTANDING Productivity training program.

Grab the Productivity Success Kit PLR Review today at the lowest possible price

Here’s What You’re Getting With This PLR Mega Pack…

Super Bonus #1: You will also have access to ‌10 Minute Tasks, a cool Time Management planner that can help you and your clients get more done in short bursts. The planner is 14 pages long and comes in an easy to edit PowerPoint Template. 

it to suit your branding then offer it for sale to your customers and
clients, or use it as a Lead Magnet to build your list.

You can easily move around the pages or even create your own planner or journal from the template. Duplicate some, or all, of the pages to create more pages and turn it into a monthly or yearly planner. 

Super Bonus #2: You will also have access to 30 NEW high Motivation 
Viral Quotes that will drive social traffic to your offers. You can see the attention to details and good design in the examples here below. 

License For The Content Bundle

[YES] Can edited in any way
[YES] Can claim yourself as the author
[YES] Can be used as content in paid membership sites
[YES] Can be packaged or bundled with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus for paid products
[YES] Can be used for opt-in bonuses
[YES] Can be used as a gift/giveaway to your list
[YES] Can be used as your own site content
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can offer through auction sites
[NO] Can sell on Tradebit or any other resale site.
[NO] Can give away as or sell as PLR

Grab the Productivity Success Kit PLR Review today at the lowest possible price

What Productivity Success Kit PLR Review Bonuses Can I choose From?

Grab the Productivity Success Kit PLR Review today at the lowest possible price

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Christian Affiliate Programs

The post Christian Affiliate Programs appeared first on High Paying Affiliate Programs.

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When Is The Right Time To Monetize Your Blog?

Should you monetize your blog right from the beginning? Or should you wait to build up your audience first? Here’s my official answer…

The post When Is The Right Time To Monetize Your Blog? appeared first on Blog Marketing Academy.

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