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Creative Marketing Concepts

[ad_1] In a room that’s full of people, how will you manage to stand out? The same predicament is faced by many start-up entrepreneurs today who engage in profitable but popular businesses – which is why the need for a creative marketing idea has emerged. Creative marketing concepts are necessary to be able to separate […]

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Momentum: A Secret Weapon to Destroy Your Fear

[ad_1] I had such a good time delivering my motivational message to both the Denver and Minnesota Investor Success Summits in the fall, that I wanted to write a series of articles on what was discussed. The goal of the presentation was to help motivate and inspire investors to take action and achieve success. Based […]

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How to Use Free Beats to Promote Your Website

[ad_1] Giving away free beats sounds like you are just giving away money, but that is not necessarily true. Giving away a free beat is the same idea that makeup companies have when they give away free samples. It lets them use the product to test it out, use it in their everyday lives, and […]

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