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How To Build And Monetize A Blog In A Crowded Market (A Strategic Launch Plan)

So, you want to build a blog and create an online business. You think it could do well. You think you might even be good at it. But, there’s a problem…

It seems there’s already other people doing it. Maybe even a lot of them.

What’s more… some of them are damn good at it.

The niche feels… crowded.

You start to doubt yourself. You wonder if there’s anything you can do to be unique. To stand out. To get noticed.

What do you do?

“I don’t feel I have anything unique about me.“, he said.

My business is guiding people through building a real business around their blog. One that generates actual revenue rather than chasing the empty promises of banner advertising or depending on affiliate links.

And in working with folks, I see that it is the initial “getting started” phase which usually trips people up.

The two largest barriers, by far, are these:

“I don’t feel I have anything unique about me to monetize.”
“I’m not an expert on anything.”

Until you get over that hurdle, you have no niche, no market, no product, n…

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