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A Productivity Tool That Has Transformed My Work Day (HINT: It Isn’t Software)

A few years ago, I adopted a new productivity tool into my daily workflow. This isn’t a software tool. In fact, it is something you can easily buy for a few bucks.

As you can probably tell from the screenshot, it is actually just a simple black notebook.

What do I do with this notebook which provided a HUGE sense of focus to my daily schedule? And, even though I sorta dropped the habit for a little while (hey, I’m human, too)… I’m bringing it back as we tear into 2018.

This video was originally recorded in 2014. I am bringing it forward again since I think it is still highly relevant. 🙂

Video Transcript

In this video I want to talk to you about a single, very simple productivity tool that I have implemented this year and know that isn’t software.

Alright, like a lot of people, I look for ways to increase my productivity. I’m a stay-at-home entrepreneur so basically, there’s nobody there to hold my feet on the fire. If I don’t get things done, nothing happens. It’…

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