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How To Build And Monetize A Blog In A Crowded Market (A Strategic Launch Plan)

So, you want to build a blog and create an online business. You think it could do well. You think you might even be good at it. But, there’s a problem…

It seems there’s already other people doing it. Maybe even a lot of them.

What’s more… some of them are damn good at it.

The niche feels… crowded.

You start to doubt yourself. You wonder if there’s anything you can do to be unique. To stand out. To get noticed.

What do you do?

“I don’t feel I have anything unique about me.“, he said.

My business is guiding people through building a real business around their blog. One that generates actual revenue rather than chasing the empty promises of banner advertising or depending on affiliate links.

And in working with folks, I see that it is the initial “getting started” phase which usually trips people up.

The two largest barriers, by far, are these:

“I don’t feel I have anything unique about me to monetize.”
“I’m not an expert on anything.”

Until you get over that hurdle, you have no niche, no market, no product, n…

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Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post: A Complete Guide To Ideal Blog Post Structure And Formatting

When you spend a fair amount of time crafting that blog post, you want it to count. You want people to read it. You want people to share it. You want to get some traffic from it.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

There are certain things you can do with every blog post you write in order to increase it’s potential for effectiveness.

In truth, there is no such thing as perfection. The idea of a “perfect” blog post doesn’t exist. However, there is both art and science behind an optimized blog post. The art comes down to how good of a writer you are, your topic, etc. The science, however, comes down to proven best practices.

In this guide, we’ll cover those best practices.

Table of Contents

We’re going to boil this down to 9 different factors to optimize for maximum potential:

The Headline
The Feature Image
The Hook
The Link Strategy
The Sub-Headlines
The Images
The Content
The Viral Coefficient
The Call To Action / Opt-In

Before we get started, grab your copy of the 46-point checklist that summarizes this very post into a digestible form that you can check off on every blog post you wr…

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Focus Mapping: An Exercise I Perform Every Morning Before I Get To Work (Part 2 of 2)

In this video, I continue on the subject of my last video. In this one, I talk about focus mapping.

This is a simple exercise that I do every single morning before getting to work. It guides me on the tasks I do that day, and most importantly… it helps me weed out the ones which are a waste of my time (or that I shouldn’t be doing).

In this video, we go right to my screen and I’ll show you exactly how it works.


In this video, I’m going to talk to you about what a focus map is.

This is a tool that I use every single morning which really helps alleviate waste of time during my day and makes me a lot more productive. In this video I’m going to show you how it works and you’re going to find that it’s really, really simple.

I’m David Risley from Blog Marketing Academy. And in my last video, I talked about this little black notebook and how I’ve used it to become a real powerful productivity tool. Basically, when I leave the house or when I go most places, I don’t bring my laptop or anything unless I’m going to really do work. I bring two things… I bring my iPad mini and I…

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A Productivity Tool That Has Transformed My Work Day (HINT: It Isn’t Software)

A few years ago, I adopted a new productivity tool into my daily workflow. This isn’t a software tool. In fact, it is something you can easily buy for a few bucks.

As you can probably tell from the screenshot, it is actually just a simple black notebook.

What do I do with this notebook which provided a HUGE sense of focus to my daily schedule? And, even though I sorta dropped the habit for a little while (hey, I’m human, too)… I’m bringing it back as we tear into 2018.

This video was originally recorded in 2014. I am bringing it forward again since I think it is still highly relevant. 🙂

Video Transcript

In this video I want to talk to you about a single, very simple productivity tool that I have implemented this year and know that isn’t software.

Alright, like a lot of people, I look for ways to increase my productivity. I’m a stay-at-home entrepreneur so basically, there’s nobody there to hold my feet on the fire. If I don’t get things done, nothing happens. It’…

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