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The Web As You Knew It Is Dying – And This Is How It Has Changed Everything For Bloggers and Marketers

Are you still trying to play the traffic game from 6+ years ago? Perhaps you are and you haven’t realized it yet.

Because here’s the thing…

If you’re still relying on things like guest posting, SEO, social sharing and backlinks to try to build your traffic, then you’re playing an outdated game. One that has moved on and left you behind.

That’s because the web, as you know it, is dying. And if you don’t adjust your game accordingly, you will get left behind.Click To Tweet

I recently came across a post by André Staltz that was incredibly well written: The Web Began Dying in 2014. Here’s How.

Let me give you the bullet point version:

Google and Facebook now control over 70% of internet traffic. In other words, these two companies are now the middlemen which control the throughput of over 70% of all online traffic.
Much of this is do to the rapid rise of mobile traffic, which these two companies control most of.
This centralization is having a major impact on many industries, including the press. Whereas Facebook used to be a minor traffic source for major media outlets, now Facebook is a major player and …

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