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The Fastest (Often Overlooked) Way To Making Money Online

So, the other day I got this email…

It was from a person who had just subscribed to my list. And one of the things I do with all new subscribers is ask them the 7 word question. And she answered me with a pretty long response.

In short, she was an older lady with some physical handicaps keeping her at home. They were living off social security payments. She was in a place where literally just an extra $300/month or so would make a pretty big difference for her and her husband. It was just to cover the basic living expenses.

But, what really got me was what she was thinking of doing about it…

I want to start a blog site to do affiliate marketing through pins on Pinterest. Blogging was a secondary need that had to happen to join affiliate programs and be able to pin. I can’t blog about what I know nothing about. So my idea was to start a blog about money. Budgeting saving being frugal etc. I know about that.

But, she clearly realized how much work would be involved and how overwhelming it felt.

I got computer and hosting company but can’t decide on business name. I’m considering buying a PLR turn-key niche sit…

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Some Tips to Help You Succeed With Getting Paid to Fill Out Surveys

[ad_1] Joining paid survey programs is one way of earning some extra cash. Some folks may tell you that the more get paid to fill out surveys you join, the better your earnings will be. Expert survey participants know that it takes quality survey providers in order to earn better. But in some cases, when […]

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5 Ways to Motivate Hairdressing Stylists in Your Salon to Earn More Money

[ad_1] If you run or manage a hairdressing salon then I wonder if you have encountered problems motivating your team at one time or another? It is a problem that I have had and one which prompted me to get creative and think of business systems that I could implement to get my stylists revved […]

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