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Why The Working Class Hates Working From Home

[ad_1] This method of earning income might sound like one of the greatest things you could ever hope for, but it’s not. There are so many factors, obstacles and situations that could throw you off and keep you off schedule. Just like any regular job, there is a deadline to meet. Punctuality is also an […]

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Blog Launch Plan: How To Launch Your Brand New Blog From Scratch, In 14 Steps

How exactly should you launch a new blog these days so that it doesn’t flop? Well, it starts out by NOT doing what everybody else does. Namely…

Set some far off launch date for the blog, as if building a blog takes that long.
Tweaking the look and feel in a quest for perfection (when you really don’t know what “perfect” is)
Writing a bunch of “pillar posts”
Then removing the wall and letting the blog be LIVE!

And, of course, you were imagining the masses just flocking to your blog and melting your servers. Or, perhaps, you were being a realist and knew it’d be a slower buildup. But, then you watch those stats and it seems your new blog just barely gets off ZERO.

Well, maybe one visitor. Your mom. 😉

The reality of launching a new blog today isn’t nearly as sexy as your imagination may think. Truth is…

Nobody was waiting for your blog. The world didn’t really care.

So, this obviously begs several questions we must answer:

How exactly do you go …

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How to Get Rid of Debt Fast – Discover the Old Hindu Mantra and Become Debt Free for Life

[ad_1] So you want to know how to get rid of debt? Of course you do that is the reason you are here. Do you know inside all of us we have a magnetic energy that either attracts or repel money from us, so if you have this magnetic force running in your favor then […]

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