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Free Book Summary – One Minute Millionaire – Written by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen

[ad_1] This book is a New York Times Best Seller and I can see why. If you are not familiar with the authors, they are hitters. Mark Victor Hansen is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul with Jack Canfield. This book and series have sold over 65 million copies. That is really unbelievable. […]

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Breaking News – Here Is The Type Of Business That Is Allowing People To Retire Early

[ad_1] There is a type of business that is rapidly becoming popular among employees around the world. This type of business is allowing people to retire early and is putting some serious income in the pockets of their owners. This type of business is called a home business. A home business is basically an opportunity […]

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How to Beat a Ticket in Traffic Court

[ad_1] It is always worth taking a shot at defending yourself against a traffic ticket. There are a few things that could happen in your favor that might result in the magistrate or judge throwing your traffic ticket out; saving you from paying. By popular demand, here is some advice on beating a ticket in […]

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