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Best 8 Part-Time Jobs to Make $ 3000 + Per Month Online

[ad_1] Have you ever wanted to have an online job that can make you finally financially free? Are you fed up with your boss and want to quit your job? If your answer is "Yes", then this article has the solution you have been looking for. In this article I am going to explain best […]

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How You Can Make $150 Dollars a Day Online From Home! You Can Start Today – (Here is How)

[ad_1] I’m going to give you the EASIEST way to make $150 per day…and you really CAN start right now. You don’t need any gurus. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. You don’t need to learn a whole bunch of new strategies, buy a bunch of ebooks or believe any New Age […]

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The Main Advantages Of Seo Video in Business Online

[ad_1] The Advantages Of Seo Video in Business Online Seo Video is probably the newest approaches to optimize a web site. Video has a number of benefits in comparison with text and images. Currently, it can be accessed through various gadgets including smartphones and tablets. The quantity of smartphone and tablet users also increased from […]

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How To Set Up An Automated System For Gathering Testimonials On Autopilot

In the last post, we talked about how to get social proof without testimonials. Now, let’s talk about actually getting some testimonials.

In fact, let’s set it up so that they come to you automatically without you having to do much.

What I’m going to cover here is, quite frankly, just super obvious and should be done as part of any business. But, I admit straight up… I wasn’t doing it. As long as I’ve been building and running online businesses, I have never had an automatic system for gathering – and using – testimonials.

Then, I found Thrive Ovation… which is part of the suite of tools offered by Thrive Themes.

Now, this post isn’t about pimping Ovation to you. It just happens to be what I’m using. It is a fundamental part of an automated system and stands above other form-based systems because it instantly integrates with your landing pages (if you’re using Content Builder).

So, let’s do it…

The Old Way Of Getting Testimonials

For most online businesses, gathering testimonials is a rather haphazard thing. Maybe customers submit a success story… …

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