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The Many Names of Cash Loans

[ad_1] Cash advance loans have many names. I have heard them called “cash advance loans” obviously, “payday loans”, “quick cash loans”, “faxless loans”, and “wire transfer loans.” I am sure there are more names for them, but you get the point. Loans like this have become ever popular as they are quick and easy and […]

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How To Choose And Use Countdown Timers In Your Online Marketing (Includes 14 Different Tools)

Countdown timers have long been a tool to increase online sales. They are a nice, visible and clear way to show urgency and increase sales.

And there’s no doubt that they work. Marcus increased his sales by 332%. An ecommerce site increased sales by 8% with a timer on the homepage.

You’ve probably also seen the Amazon Deals page where they constantly have deals scrolling buy, each one with a countdown timer.

You should be using countdown timers as well. But, there are quite a few different options out there these days. So, what’s the best tool for your online marketing arsenal?

In this post, we’re going to explore a few of the available options for countdown timers you can use for your offers.

Countdown Timers: When To Use Them (And When Not To)

Obviously, the use of the countdown is all about that sense of urgency. Put forth a deadline and have that countdown sitting there ticking down to zero and increase your sales.

But, there are good times to use them – and bad times.

Overusing countdown timers just increases the the pushiness and spammy feel of things. Notice that I said overusing them. Countdow…

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Online Advertising – Help starts with a good ad serving system

[ad_1] As an online business owner, would you agree that you do not want to waste money on advertising, tools and programs? So before you start driving traffic to your website you must fully assess how to successfully monetize your website traffic. If your profits are based entirely upon advertising revenue then you will likely […]

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How to Make Money Investing in 401K Plans in 2015-2016 and Beyond

[ad_1] Torie, like millions of other people, knows that she needs to make money investing in 401k plans in 2015-2106 and beyond (she has a couple) in order to retire comfortably. What she also needs to know: 401k asset allocation, how to pick and manage her best 401k investment options, and the outlook for 2015 […]

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How To Sell Guitars – Make Money Selling Guitars and Musical Equipment

[ad_1] Are you looking to become a guitar reseller or open a guitar store? I can tell you from experience that selling guitars is a fun and rewarding business to pursue. I love meeting musicians, helping to spread the music, and frankly, I just love being around guitars. Here are a few things to keep […]

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Invest $100 Dollars in Selling Miniature Doll Furniture and Make a Big Profit

[ad_1] Are you one of those people who have always been fascinated by dollhouses and doll furniture? Do you love finding methods and tools that can help you to create that perfect look? If so, you can find have a successful business making and selling doll houses and miniature doll furniture. Investing $100 Dollars in […]

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Looking For A Debt Settlement With An Auto Title Loan

[ad_1] Debt settlement may seem like a solution to getting rid of your credit card, medical, or payday loan bills, but using this option for an auto title loan may make your circumstances worse. However, depending on your negotiating skills, bank balance, and willingness to pay, you may have a chance to settle with your […]

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Traffic Arbitrage – Easy Money Or Scam?

[ad_1] Traffic Arbitrage – A practically risk free and quick way to create residual online income Traffic Arbitrage sounds complicated, but what is it I hear you ask? In a nutshell arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of price differences between different markets – Stock brokers do this by buying a certain commodity in […]

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Mural Painting – Three Ways Make Money Painting Murals

[ad_1] Mural painting is something that has been used throughout the ages by professionals and amateurs alike to publicly display their individual attitudes, a current theme or outlook on life. It is a colorful way to both express ourselves and the times we live in. It seems that most mural artwork these days is more […]

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How to Make Money With Membership Sites

[ad_1] A membership site is a website where, in order to gain access to the content, you have to register first and become a member. There are two common types of membership sites: those that allow you to register for free and those that charge you membership fees which could be a one-time fee or […]

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