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How To Profit From Zazzle

[ad_1] Selling personalized merchandise on Zazzle provides full time income for thousands of people. At the same time there are also many struggling to make their first sale. What separates the most successful sellers from all the rest? This article will explore How To Make Money Online With Zazzle. What Is Zazzle? Zazzle is an […]

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Doing Welding Jobs Abroad – Is it a Quick Way to Get Rich?

[ad_1] This is almost everyone’s desire, to have a job that provides wealth beyond their wildest dreams, easily and timely. Welding jobs abroad has its benefits, but is doing this skilled and often dangerous profession overseas, the way to achieve that wealth? That depends on some factors which I will go into shortly. Let’s get […]

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How To Create A ‘Contact Us’ Page That Invites Conversions And Generates Sales

The “Contact Us” page. Perhaps one of the more overlooked pages on websites these days.

Slap an email address or a form on there and call it a day, right?

Or, if you are trying to be all corporate, you throw a bunch of hoops for people to jump through in an attempt to look bigger than you actually are. We’ve all seen ’em.

Just like we covered on the about page, your contact us page is also a pretty important core page of your site. And for that reason, we should be more strategic about what we put on there than just throwing up a contact form.

And here’s why…

We’re In The Human to Human Business

In the business world, there’s the common concepts of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). But, perhaps we should redefine this to H2H: Human to Human.

After all, people tend to forget that all the decision makers in this world are human beings. Real flesh-and-blood people.

And, in this day and age where you can’t call a company without going through a big phone menu (and we all just dial 0 anyway to try to reach the operator, right?)… people just want human…

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