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How to Make More Money As a CNA

[ad_1] The other day a co-worker told me about her salary journey as a CNA. After completing her CNA classes she immediately started to look for a job and was a little shocked to see that the pay rates were surprisingly low. But she was confident and decided that she wanted to be a CNA […]

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How to Write an "advertise With Me" Letter

[ad_1] Regardless of your business model selling advertising space is a great way to add profits to your business. Before you can sell ad space however a website must meet several basic standards. It must have good search engine rankings, it must have high visitor traffic and it must appeal to a niche industry. Once […]

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Make Money Writing Crossword Puzzles: Seven Tips For Newbies

[ad_1] You might not realise it, but the crossword is still one of the most popular parts of many newspapers… with lots of people buying a copy for that reason alone. After the front and back page, the sport and the TV sections it’s high up on the list of ‘most read’ pages. So there […]

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