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Guest Blogging Pros & Cons

Guest blogging has been an activity some marketers have participated in for quite some time. Recently, however, you might have heard that it is not a worthwhile practice. As you might guess, there are both pros and cons associated with providing content this way. Before you decide whether or not you want to participate, here are a few things to consider.

What is Guest Blogging?

In a nutshell, guest blogging is when one blogger publishes their content on another blogger’s site. Why would you do this? Well, if you’re trying to build your brand or gain more attention to your own website, it can be beneficial to ‘ride on the coattails’ of another, more experienced, and more well-known blogger’s website traffic. Ideally, the relationship between the guest blogger and the host blogger should be mutually beneficial. In exchange for high quality, done-for-them content, the hosting blog will provide backlinks and exposure.

Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging


It Gets Your Name Out There

One of the biggest advantages to guest blogging is the fact that it exposes you to new readers. This is especially true when you w…

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where to start affiliate marketing

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The biggest mistakes affiliate marketers make

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Make Money Fast – Make 2008 your Year for Achieving Success

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A Simple Way to Declutter and Make Money

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