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Quickest Ways to Make Money – Make Money Without Physical Labor

[ad_1] The quickest ways to make money may not at all be what you think. You’re probably thinking about doing something such as mowing grass for the neighbors, raking leaves, and shoveling snow. Although these are great ways to make money in very little time, there are plenty of other ways as well. First of […]

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Last Call for Article Ideas for the April 2017 Issue of FeedFront Magazine

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Time is running out to propose an article idea for issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine, which is coming out in April 2017.

This issue will be mailed in early April to tens of thousands of snail mail subscribers.

Got an idea for an article?

The deadline for article proposals is February 17, 2017.

The content in FeedFront is first person and articles are a maximum of 500 words – quick reads from the people who are doing things related to digital marketing or the life of an entrepreneur.

All you need to do by the February 17, 2017 deadline is to submit a one sentence summary.

If you haven’t read FeedFront magazine, take a look at issue 37 to get a feel for past content that was published.

The post, Last Call for Article Ideas for the April 2017 Issue of FeedFront Magazine by Shawn Collins, was originally published on the Affiliate Marketing Blog.

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The 5 Secrets Every Successful Person Discovered That Created Their Abundant Life

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(A-Team Players Wanted) Join Lurn – We’re Hiring!

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Stop Being The Victim! Why Complainers Always Fail At Life…

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Michelle Held on @Toastmasters, Pictures on Instragram, and @BuffaloSabres

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Michelle Held, Owner of MetroNY, LLC, joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins.

Michelle Held

I wanted to learn more about the real Michelle, so I asked her a variety of questions I figured she had not been asked in previous interviews.

We discussed…

Her favorite things to photograph on Instagram
Being on the Board of Directors of Kind Quilts Inc
Her vacation board on Pinterest
Being in Toastmasters
Rooting for Buffalo teams
Her first Tweet

Links from this episode

Michelle on Instagram
Michelle on Twitter
Michelle’s first Tweet
Michelle’s vacation board on Pinterest

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This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins is focused on the people behind the affiliate management/OPM companies, advertisers/merchants, affiliates/publishers, and affiliate networks.

On each episode, Shawn interviews a new guest related to the industry, so you can learn more about the people of affiliate marketing.

After all, affiliate marketing is about the people; not the companies.

The post, Michelle Held on @Toastmasters, Pictures on Instragram, and @BuffaloSabres by Shawn Collins, was originally published on the Affiliate Marketing Blog.

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This is How I Podcast

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I have been podcasting on and off for a decade, and I’ve used many different tools over time. This is what I am using now.


My podcasting process is bare bones – I record in one take and do minimal editing for my current podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing.

The format is a six question interview that runs 10-15 minutes, where I dig into social media accounts for my upcoming guests. I compile those questions and related links in Google Docs.

When it comes time to call, I use Skype (free) and the Amolto Call Recorder for Skype (free).

For my microphone, I have a Logitech Stereo Headset H110, which was about $15. The audio isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough for a podcast.

After I record the podcast, I use Audacity (free), which is easy to figure out, and if you hit any trouble areas, you can typically find solutions on YouTube.

I wanted to have an introduction and closing when I was getting started, so I went to Fiverr and found a gig to create those for me. I also used Fiverr for some promotional graphics for the podcast.

The company I use for podcast hosting is Libsyn. While you can use any hosting company for a podcast, I like Libsyn, because they make it easy to upload and manage podcasts, as well as to syndicate to iTunes and other places where people listen to podcasts.

Libsyn also enables you to schedule podcasts to go live in the future, they provide embed code, option to monetize, custom url, and stats.

That’s all it takes to get started. Let me know if you have any questions.

The post, This is How I Podcast by Shawn Collins, was originally published on the Affiliate Marketing Blog.

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Robert Kiyosaki Live Webinar Invite

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How to Profit From Other Peoples’ Cell Phones (New Workshop Coming Soon)

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Beyond Affiliate Marketing: The Secret Behind a $2,000 a Day Business

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