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JB Glossinger to Keynote Affiliate Summit East 2017

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JB Glossinger, Founder of MorningCoach.com, will be a keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit East 2017 on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at the New York Marriott Marquis.

JB Glossinger

JB Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D., is a self-described “archaeologist of life,” who has studied human potential, performance, and happiness for over 30 years. He is widely beloved as the Morning Coach, with a daily podcast that has been downloaded 22 million times over the past ten years. He has published 4 books including the best selling: The Sacred 6: The Simple Step-by-Step Process for Focusing Your Attention & Recovering Your Dreams.

A sought-after motivational speaker and coach with an international following, JB is also a radio show host The Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Unconventional Thoughts on Business and Success on Hay House radio, and a syndicated columnist for The Business Journals, a 43-paper network. He holds advanced degrees in business and metaphysics but credits his street education—from black eyes to near bankruptcy—with providing the life-changing lessons that inspired the keys to personal transformation he shares with audiences, coaching clients, and readers worldwide.

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