$200 an Hour Selling Kettle Corn – Owning a Kettle Corn Business

Starting your own kettle corn business can bring in a good amount of income when implemented right. Most business owners started out making $50 to $70 dollars per hour in their beginning stages. They can make a good income of $80,000 dollars a year during busy seasons. This article will show you some main key points to owning and operating your very own kettle corn business.

Providing shelter for your business is an almost must have. Most active owners use tents made out of steel or aluminum which will provide the much needed strength to hold up against a small breeze. They usually are pretty cost friendly for beginning owners.

Having the necessary equipment for your business is a must for new owners. This is where people go a little overboard. They tend to think that the more they spend on kettle corn equipment, the more sales they make. In most cases, that is not true.

The location where you are going to setup is important. Places like carnivals, circuses, and festivals are pretty much mandatory places to be. They have lots of people who are generally tired, thirsty, and hungry after a long walk on the fair grounds. This is where you can really profit up to $200 an hour from their needs.

Some other important information to your business would also include proper sanitation, promotional stuff, retail and online sales, supplies, and other key issues. This article just showed you a few main key points to owning a kettle corn business. You too can take a piece of this billion dollar industry.

Would you like to make a living in selling kettle popcorn and make in upwards of $200 per hour profits?


Source by Kevin A Terrell