How to Start an Electronic Design Blog

When you first entered into the world of electronics design, there is no doubt the field excited you and held plenty of promise. Over time, as your knowledge, skills, and experience have grown, you may have come to the realization that you’re ready for the next challenge – becoming an industry expert through blogging. 

With so many bloggers out there, it’s clear there is a real demand for this style of writing. Consumers and those who just have an interest in the topic can’t seem to get enough of online blogs that are often packed full of tips, advice, first-hand experiences, and information. But how can you as a design expert dip your toes into the world of blogging? Here we’ll take a look at how you can start an electronic design blog with ease.

Write What You Know About

One of the best tips to give potential writers is to write what you know about. When you write about a topic that you feel passionate about, have experience in, and knowledge of, the writing will come to you much easier and you’ll find that natural flow will just appear. So, in terms of your design blog, try to narrow it down to sub-topics that you have a personal interest and passion in.

Let’s take, for example, PCB software. Maybe this is a topic that really excites you and that you’ve done plenty of research in. A blog that takes a look at 
the best circuit design software that you have used, such as the powerhouse offered by Altium, gives you a chance to write about something you have first-hand knowledge of. That will give a sense of honesty, integrity, expertise, and authenticity to your blog, which is what readers look for.

Identify Who Your Readers Are and Appeal to Them

At the same time, you need to identify who your readers will be so you can appeal to them. Provide them with the content that will be interesting and timely to them, which can still have you writing what you know about.

Choose the Ideal Blogging Platform

While not as exciting as the actual writing and picking a topic you feel passionate about, it’s incredibly important you pick the right blogging platform. As soon as you start looking closely you’ll see there are a rather large number of platforms to choose from such as, 
Wix, Tumblr, and Gator. In order to pick the best one, you’ll want to take a look at user-friendliness, if it can accommodate growing numbers as your blog gains a loyal following, the price, and what kind of blog you want to create.

Work on Building Your Email List

It’s also incredibly important that you make every effort possible to build your email list. This is how you will start to build that loyal following you are after. Every blog should end with a 
call to action where readers can click on a link to “subscribe to my blog”. 

Following the Tips to Success

As you can see, there are some very important yet simple steps to follow as you work to start your own design blog. Keep in mind that it will take time for it to really take off, but staying consistent in your efforts will certainly help.

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Affiliate Marketing 101: Why You Should Learn Affiliate Marketing

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Content Samurai Review – Best Automatic Article to Video Software

My Honest Content Samurai in 2019 – Is it the best article to video maker?

content samurai honest reviewIs Content Samurai the best article to video creator? Read on and decide for yourself.

What is Content Samurai?

content samurai review - how does it work

Content Samurai is an online video creator software (application) that helps you create fast, easy and professional-looking videos within minutes. It allows you to insert articles into the software and it automatically creates a good-looking video using the text from the article you inserted. It can also add great images, video backgrounds and even text to speech voices.

Content Samurai promises that you can “Create Stunning Videos Fast” with their app. You can use Content Samurai video creation software to turn articles, blog posts and shorter pieces of content into videos in minutes, or so the creators claim. I’ve spent a lot of money having freelancers create videos for me, so I figured I would give Content Samurai a shot.

What Is the Content Samurai Free Trial?

Content Samurai Free Trial

The monthly
fee for a paid membership was within my budget, but I tried something else
instead. The creators of this software will let you test-drive their product
for 7 days without paying a penny.

I love getting free trials on software, applications and courses before I spend any money, so I signed up. Here’s what I was pleasantly surprised to discover.

A lot of online courses give you a trial period for free. That’s the case here. However, many programs or courses only give you a watered down version of the software. That is definitely not the case here.

I always get a really good impression from companies that let you try their full product for free. This tells me something, it tells me that Content Samurai are confident in their product which is a good thing.

And then
there’s this.

During your free 7-day trial period you can create as many videos as you like. That’s right, make as many videos as you can crank out. And here’s the great part. After that free trial period is over, even if you don’t pay the monthly fee for more content samurai features, you get to keep every one of those videos.

This was a
no-brainer decision maker for me. I got a full week to decide whether I wanted
to become a paying member. I made a few videos using the automatic text to
video software and I must admit I was surprised.

The software
quickly turns articles and other content into videos. It’s a simple process (I
like that since I’m not the most tech-capable guy).  More importantly, I got videos ranking high
for my target keywords!

Those videos were only up on YouTube for a few minutes before
they started ranking high in Google.

But I’m
getting ahead of myself. Let me walk you through what happens when you sign up.

Up – How to Use Content Samurai

Sign up for
free with your best email address. You don’t need to register a credit card,
which I really like. You’re immediately taken to a “Welcome” video.
You also receive a “Welcome” email.

Don’t go to
your email yet. Watch the video that pops up. (You can also click on
“Watch later” if you don’t have the time right now.)

This welcome video explains that you can make an unlimited number of videos.You can keep them forever and use them however you like. You are told about the email you receive that contains step-by-step instructions and more video help introducing you to this automatic video maker software.

After the
short video, head over to your email inbox. You receive a welcome from one of
the software’s founders, Anthony Fernando. Click on the provided link to create
a password and get started.

I like that
the video was only 5 minutes long. You can stop the video whenever you like if
you need to. You can also view this video directly from the Content Samurai
website, or watch it on YouTube.

It doesn’t
matter if you have never created a video before. (I hadn’t.) Follow the how-to,
step-by-step instructions and you can create a video in just a few minutes.

You’re told
to click the blue “Create a New Video” button at the upper right
corner of your dashboard. Then you go through a 4-step process.

The first
step is easy. (They all are, actually.)

Step #1 – Browse the video templates and select one. Choose from the following options and grab the template you like.

content samurai article to video creator

can create a video for social media sites like Facebook and TwitterMake
a video from an article or blog postCreate
a sales videoMake
videos for an online courseWhip
together a professional looking property listing video

The narrator
chooses to create a social media video, then selects a template. Once you
figure out what template you’re going to use, just click on the big button that
says “Use This Template”.

Step #2 – You are taken to a “Script Screen”.

content samurai reviews

Here is
where you add a title for your video. Then you enter the video script. You can
type directly in the text box if you like. I wrote a video script in Word and
simply copied and pasted it into the text box.

Step #3 – Click the “Create Scenes for Your Video” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen after you’ve added your script and video title. Here’s where you try your hand at becoming the next Steven Spielberg!

content samurai best article to video app

Don’t worry.
This is super easy. I was a little intimidated going into this but the software
makes it simple and it’s very easy to understand. Probably the part I liked the
most is the fact that your video has already been created at this point!

Your video
script is broken into 1-sentence scenes. When you’re adding your script, whatever
you write in a paragraph is going to be what you see as the text for a scene in
your video. Don’t worry. If this sounds confusing, you will instantly see what
I’m talking about when you get to this step.

If you like how your video looks, you’re done! All you have
to do is save the video and begin using it to build your business.

If you want
to make changes, you can do that. To make changes, click on one or more of the
3 tabs at the top of the editing bar on the left of the screen. They are …

1 – Media

2 –

3 – Style

“Media” if you want to change the video in any scene. If you don’t
have any great videos, don’t worry. Content Samurai provides tons of videos for
you to choose from … 480,000 video clips to be precise! (You can also
choose from literally millions of high quality images if you prefer.)

Use the search feature to find a video that matches the text in your scene. If you would prefer to use an image rather than a video clip, you can do that.

This next
feature is really amazing, at least to me. As you are creating scenes, the
software will suggest keywords from your script. All you have to do is click on
one of the keywords and you are instantly presented with videos and images
related to that keyword.

This can
really help you match your video to your script. You add the video or image to
your scene simply by clicking on it.

Okay, you
have the pictures or videos you want for all your scenes. You can change the
position of your text by clicking on the “Layouts” button. Your scene
is divided into 9 positional squares. Choose where you want your text to go,
click on that square, and you’re done.

Make any
edits you need to in every scene. When you’re ready to add narration to your
videos move to the next step.

Step #4 – Adding a voice track, your own voice or music is as easy as clicking the button that says “Add Voice Track to Your Video”.

content samurai review 2019

This option
is located at the bottom of your scene editor. You have the following voice
track options.

Your Own Voice TrackUpload
a Voice Track

During this
instructional video the “Music Only” option was chosen. There are
plenty of how-to videos you have access to that will walk you through the other
options here.

When you are
first checking out the software, choose “Music Only” and then click
the blue “Preview Your Video” button in the middle of the screen.
You’ll be taken to a preview screen where a random music track has been chosen
for you.

Click the
“Play” button and preview your video. If you like what you see in
here, congratulations … you have just made your first Content Samurai video
in only a few minutes.

On the
editing bar on the left-hand side of your screen you can select different music
provided with the software. You can also add your own music files. What is
really awesome is you can manually adjust the timing of the music in your scene
so you can get just the right effect.

When you’re
happy with the music, click the blue “Looks Good Continue” button.
Then select the “Generate” button on your next screen and you’re

When the
software is finished, simply click on the “Download Your Video”
button and use your videos wherever and however you like.

Instructional Videos Are Provided If You Want to Do More

Look at the
screenshot I attached above. I want you to look at the left sidebar. The #01
“Getting Started” video is what I just walked you through. You can
see there are more video instructions. The videos are between 2 and 5 minutes
long each, so it doesn’t take long at all to become acquainted with the
software. The 5 additional training videos include the following topics.

#01 – Getting Started#02 – Video Clips#03 – Voice over Tracks#04 – Branding Your Videos#05 – Top 5 Ways

How to
Start Using the Content Samurai App

When you
feel comfortable with the training you have received, you can start using the
app on your own. Click the blue “Click Here to Start Using the App”
button below the video player to get started.

You are
taken to your dashboard. This will look familiar because it is exactly like the
dashboard used in your training videos.

Before you
click on the getting started button, scroll down the page. You’ll see
“Help Center ” and “Community” options.

“Help Center” should be pretty straightforward. Go here when you need
help! This is where you’ll find training videos and troubleshooting guides. You
also get shortcuts, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the software.

Select the
“Community” button if you want other Content Samurai subscribers to
give you feedback on your videos. You will be taken to a private Facebook
group. This is only for Content Samurai users. There are also support team
members, helpful video instruction and other benefits of joining this Facebook

whenever you are ready to make a video, just click the “Create a New
Video” button at the top right of the screen when you log into your

Samurai Pricing

I mentioned
the free 7-day trial. After that, how much does this articles to video software
cost? During your trial period the company offers you to sign up as a paid
member at a substantial discount. Log into your free account and look for a
banner at the top of the page.

The current content samurai discount cost is just $29 each month, 40% off the regular $47 monthly fee. (NOTE: Prices may change. If you like the discounted monthly fee I would recommend grabbing it in case it goes up.)

Here Are
a Few Content Samurai Examples

Would you like to see some examples of what you can do with this text to video software? Take a lot at these videos that only took me a few minutes to create.

Can Content Samurai Videos Rank In Google and YouTube?

I did a quick test, created a video targeting a easy to rank for keyword.

I used the auto voice feature which I read YouTube doesn’t like and that they don’t rank.

And I never believe what people say about SEO, especially myths. Instead I test it and see results for myself.

I saw my video on page one of Google within minutes and uploading the video. See screenshot below.

content samurai for youtube videos

It took 10 minutes to show on page one of Google under the videos section but on the main “all” section of search. So I think content samurai can be a great way to get traffic off Google in any niche.

Use PLR articles and turn them into videos, target low competition keywords in your niche and you’ll see results.

Content Samurai Review Wrap-Up

How do I feel about this product? I love it. I’m not going to sugarcoat
my opinion here. Anyone can enjoy a free trial offer. I certainly did.
By the second day of using the content samurai text to speech app I was
creating videos in minutes that ranked in Google for the keywords I was

I’m so pleased with this software that I have been paying a monthly membership fee ever since my free trial expired. I use Content Samurai for YouTube affiliate marketing. You can too. Just add a link to your affiliate offers in your video descriptions. I also turn plr articles into videos. That’s right, I don’t have to write anything. I just create videos from plr content.

engages your prospects like simple text never will. If you use videos in any
stage of your marketing plan, I recommend checking out Content Samurai. The
7-day trial is free, and you don’t have to register a credit card.

The video
instruction is excellent. There’s plenty of support. You can find me in the
Facebook group a few times a week. I use Content Samurai all the time to
convert articles to video for myself and my clients. You can use Content
Samurai videos to get traffic on YouTube, to post on your blog, or engage on
social media.

With a 7-day Content Samurai free trial and no money on the line, what do you have to lose? The answer is nothing. Join me in the Content Samurai community and start creating great looking videos in just a few minutes.

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21 Ways For Newbies To Make Money Online Free

If you’re new to making money online, the idea can seem daunting at first. It’s sometimes hard to decide where to start. The reality is that it doesn’t matter where you start, it just matters that you start.

Choose one or more of the methods of make money online I’ll discuss here and see what works for you. You will see that once you invest your time to make that first dollar the rest will come more quickly.

Here are some of my favorite ways to make money online for newbies.

1. Make Money Online Surveys

You can earn cash online just by giving your opinion about services and sometimes completing offers. You do not need to invest any money before getting paid from doing surveys. Below are 9 survey sites anyone can join to start earning.

1. Opinion Outpost
2. Survey Spot
3. Dollar Surveys
4. Toluna
5. My Survey
6. Survey Scout
7. One Opinion
8. Permission Research
9. Global Test Market

Got any more survey sites you’ve had success with? Let me know in the comments below.

2. Get Paid to Answer Questions

Did you know you can earn money online simply by answering questions? Yes, some sites pay you to give your professional advice. Everyone is an expert about something. Here is a list of sites that pay you for giving your opinion.

1. Askable
2. Just Answer
3. Help Owl

Many sites that pay you to answer questions have recently shut down. If you know of any new ones that pay, be sure to leave a comment below.

3. Make Money Online Freelancing

What can you offer? Do you have any skill that can benefit someone? Then it’s time to become a freelancer and get paid for your services.

Everyone have something that other people might need, if you can write a quality article quickly, you can offer that as a service and get paid. If you know how to design websites, you can also offer this as a service. If you know how to design logos, you can make money from it. T

here is a huge market for people who can offer their services online. Below is the list of trusted freelancing websites.

1. Fiverr
2. Upwork
3. Amazon Mechanical Turk
4. Task Army
5. Freelancer
6. Guru

4. Customer Service:

Many companies are looking to hire people for customer service. All you would need is an Internet connection and landline to do the services and start earn passive income from the comfort of your home. Here are some online customer services companies that you can join:

Alpine Access
Working Solutions

5. Get paid Writing Reviews Online:

Do you have a blog and you are getting traffic to it? Then it is time to monetize it by writing reviews. You can actually make money by writing review in your blog and get paid, the price ranges from $10 to $500 depending on some factors (ex. Your traffic stat, alexa rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Google Page Rank etc), all this play a major role in determining your site earning. The top sites that pay you to blog are:

1. Blogitive (closed or moved)
2. Buy Blog Reviews
3. In Blog Ads

4. Review Me
5. Smorty (closed or moved)
6. Linkworth
7. Opinion Outpost

8. Blogger Wave (closed or moved)
9. Blogging Ads (closed or moved)
10. Blogsvertise
11. Shared Reviews

12. Sponsored Reviews
13. PayU2Blog
14. Blog to Profit (closed or moved)
15. Dooyoo
16. Review Stream
17. Social Spart
18. Pay Per Post
19. Expo TV
20. Software Judge

6. Get paid writing article for revenue sharing sites:

When I started blogging,, I joined a lot of websites that pay for writing articles and best of all, it is a revenue sharing, that means, my articles will continue to bring in money every month for a very long period of time. In the month September, I received $69 from for articles I wrote some years ago! Talk of passive income online? The trusted revenue sharing sites as of 2013 are:

1. Inforbarrel
2. RateItAll
3. Mixx
4. Jevitt
5. SheToldMe
6. BestReviewer
7. TipDrop
8. Seekyt
9. Bukisha
10. SquidStop
11. Xomba
12. Hubpages
13. Squidoo
14. Snipsly
15. Flixya

7. Social Networks:

Some lists of social networks that will pay you for distributing their service.

1. My Likes
2. Mag Pie
3. Ximmy
4. FriendSwin
5. Budiz
6. Flixya
7. MyViewin
8. Sponsored Tweets

8. Sell Your Products: You can make extra money also by selling your own products that you’re currently not using. The great thing about online is you can sell pretty much anything. When selling your products I can compose a list of sites.

1. Craigslist
2. Amazon
3. eBay
4. Sell
5. BackPage
6. StopIt
7. Gazelle
8. Oodle
9. Zazzle
10. Etsy

9. Sell Your Images:

Are you a photographer? Then you can sell your photos online and make some extra cash. Below are some sites that pay you to upload your photos.

1. SnapVillage
2. BigStockPhoto
3. CluterShot
4. ShutterStock
5. Dreamstime
6. DepositPhoto
7. IStockPhoto
8. Futolia
9. StockExpert

10. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one guarantee way of making money online, if you have built your website, then you need to monetize, and no matter your niche, there is a product to promote. Here are some affiliate sites you can join.

1. Commission Junction
2. Clickbank
3. ShareASale
4. Amazon Associates
5. eBay Partnet Network
6. E-Junkie
7. DigiResults
8. Google Affiliate Network
9. Linkshare

10. Get Paid For Shopping:

Do you shop online? Why not get paid while shopping? There are some sites that will give you cash back anytime you make a purchase. Some sites that offer cash back are:

1. MrRebates
2. Ebates
3. Swagbucks
4. Big Crumbs
5. Upromise
6. OfferMatic
11. Design and Sell Your Own Products:

Time to design your own product and make some spare cash online. List of places you can sell your design are:

1. CafePress
2. E-Shirt
3. ShirtCity
4. Etsy
5. ArtWeb
6. Threadless
7. Unbound
8. Gela Skins
9. Big Cartel
10. SpreadShirt
12. Society6
12. Buy Stocks Online:

Buying stock online is another way you can make money from the internet, here are a few sites that you can join to buy stock online.

1. E*Trade
2. TradeKing
3. ScottTrade
4. ShareBuilder
13. Passive Income With Your Blog:

This is one way I know you can earn passive income online from your blog, these sites pay you for placing their advert on your blog and anytime your visitor click on an advert, you get paid. You can also offer to cut out the middleman and offer direct advertising on your site.

1. Google Adsense
2. Yahoo Publisher Network
3. Bid Vertiser
4. Chitika
5. Clicksor

14. Donation Button:

Do you have a website that attracts a lot of visitors? Then you can kindly ask your readers to donate to you to help keep the blog going.

15. Sell your service on Forum

Do you have a service that you would want to offer? Like article writing, seo and selling your custom made software/bot? There are a lot of internet marketing forums that are hungry to see new services that works. If you can offer what you promise, then your bank will break.

16. Application/Software Testers:

A lot companies pay you for testing their apps before releasing it to the public, your work is to report any bugs found while testing the software. Utest is one of the many companies that pay you for the services and you can also offer this service on freelancing sites.

17. Flip Domains:

You can buy expired domains and then flip them for some cash, but before you can buy them, you need to see if they have been penalized by google.

18. Make Money With Adsense:

Adsense is another way you can earn money from your blog, I make about $1000+ monthly from my websites using adsense, if you know how to write articles, seo’d on your blog, and then rank for your keywords, you are on your way to build passive income online.

19. Read Emails:

I have not personally done paid to read emails, but this has been on for a long period of time and this shows they are making money from the venture, don’t join any paid to read email sites that promise to pay you $2 – $10 for reading a single email. It is never going to be possible! No advertiser will pay that amount for reading 1 email. If you go through such site, and you browse through the Advertisers area, you will see them offering the advertisers $0.05 per email read, how then can they pay you $10 for reading the same email?

Most of the trusted paid to read email that has been in business for a long time and are paying are:


Note: you will not earn a lot of money reading emails, but every cents adds up faster than you think.

20. Paid Forums

Get paid posting on forums, back then, I always make money from paid to post forums, but liberty reserve has been short down, so I don’t do forum posting again, but am sure users can still use it to make some quick cash online, most of them will be paying with payza, perfect money and solidtrustpay. If you are looking for forums that you through paypal for posting, then postloop is for you. You can easily make more than $5 daily with postloop.

How would you like to make money online in 2015? And you will not invest a single dime! I recently published about 5 ways to earn money online and here am going to focus on stuffs that require little to no investment.

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online in 2015
 1. Online Paid Survey

If you are a student or you want to work online part time, you can make easy money by taking online survey, there are lots of websites that pay you for your opinion.

but I have been using one – cashcrate – which has never stopped paying me for months now.

Although I don’t take any more surveys, but I still get paid for referrals, another way to make more bucks from online survey is to invite your friends from twitter, facebook and other social platform to join cashcrate.

2. Get Paid for searching the web

How many times do you use search engines like,, per day? And I guess you landed on this post by searching for ways to earn online in 2015? Why not get paid to search? is one of the only trusted and reliable website that pay you to search the web, what more? You can cash out your earning anytime. Although this will not make you rich, but every pence count!

3. Get Paid To sites

This is similar to online survey, Get Paid To Sites, GPT sites reward you in cash for completing various offers or activities online.

There are lots of GPT sites, but this ones are the best and yes, they pay. Remember, we have a lot of scam websites that waste your time and at the end of the day, you will not get paid.

List of paying GPT Sites.

4. Freelance work

Do you enjoy writing articles? or doing graphic designs? Whatever it is you love doing, you can offer this as a service at freelancing websites. And the best part is that you can work from the comfort of your home!

5. Creating YouTube videos

Are you creative? Can you create youtube videos? If so, then you are on a journey to earning passive income online! There are ways to make money with youtube videos. One of the popular method is to become partnership with youtube.

You can also create youtube videos and use it to review products with your affiliate links in the descriptions.

6. Affiliate Marketing

This is my forte 🙂 If you are looking to make passive income online, then affiliate marketing is the way to go, unlike the above methods, you will need to invest a little to get started.

The good part is that you can also start with free platform like,,

You chose a topic you are interested in, or you have research on, then start reviewing products! Insert your affiliate links and make money anytime someone buy through your link.

We have a lot of websites that accept affiliates, but I only make use of amazon and clickbank. It is free to join. You can read more about my niche sites projects here.

7. Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is now the largest market in the world that allow people to sell small services known as gigs. You can offer anything for sell on fiverr. from writing articles to creating videos, from playing pranks to social media posting. In fact, anything sell on fiverr!

We have a lot people making bank with fiverr, and it is free to join.

8. Get cashback when shopping

There are lot of cashback sites that pay you commission for shopping through their links, and guess what, if you are a student, you don’t only make money online with this, but also a way of saving! Quidco is one of the most popular sites for getting paid to shop online.

9. Start your own website

Serious, if you want to make money online in 2015, then I will advice you to start your website today, although if you don’t have any money to invest in domain and hosting, you can try the above methods of earning online and when you have save some of the cash, you can start blogging like a pro.

You can monetize your website with amazon, clickbank, adsense and offer your service as well.

If you are in a popular niche and you  are ranking for your keywords, you can sell ads space on your site. helps websites owners to earn money from their websites.

10. Take Action

If you are the type that reads and never take action, then you might not make a single dime online in 2015! This might look strange to you, but trust me, when you are start doing it, you will get used to it and before you know it, you  are a PRO already.

But Take Action Starting Today!

You must have come across a number of emails or websites that say, “Make Thousands by Working Part Time from Home” or “Click Here to Learn the Tricks of Making Quick Money off the Internet” while browsing.

As interesting as they might sound, we do not mean to disappoint you when we write this piece. Most of these seemingly attractive and potential opportunities are attempts to dupe you into spending some of your hard earned cash. The only people, who make money out of such gigs, are the ones who create them.

Here comes the good news though! There are a couple of interesting and legitimate ways to make money online; all you need is a working computer with a decent internet connection and the will to go an extra mile to make profits.

If you have come this far, it means you are genuinely interested and have what it takes to travel the distance – where most people falter. Out of the top five genuine methods to make money online that we will be sharing today, the most popular method is Blogging. Here are some of our insights –

Blogging –

Starting your own blog is a way of sharing your experiences with others. If you are sincere in your efforts, you are bound to create a strong bond with your readers, simultaneously pocketing a cool $20 – $100 per day.

There are free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, etc, that help you setup your own blog, in a matter of minutes.

If you are good at writing articles, then you can become Yahoo Contributor and get paid for all the article you write.

If you are looking for something, a little more precise, you could opt for HubPages, which pays you for blogging on the topic of your choice.

If creative writing is not your thing, video blogging is also gaining prominence. The best part about which is, you do not need expensive equipment to get started.

Go freelance –

Got talent? Share it with the world, which comes for a fee of course! Freelancing gives you the ability, to work on your talents or hobbies, while opening up some new and exciting avenues for income.

Freelancing these days, mostly revolve around graphic designing, creative writing, marketing and SEO, etc. Although, there are numerous other fields that might interest you.

Websites such as Guru, Elance, Freelancer, FreelanceSwitch, etc are great for beginners to start looking for opportunities to sell their gigs. Some of these websites require you to fill up your details while asking for your hourly rates. Payment usually depends upon the type of work you sign up for and might range from a few dollars to a couple hundred, depending upon the project at hand.

Make Money off Selling Photos –

Are you a photographer by passion? Do you have your own assortment of unique photographs that might interest the world? Websites such as FineArtAmerica and Imagekind might take an interest in what you have to offer.

You might also want to check out Shutterstock and iStockPhoto as these websites sell High Definition photos to publishers and advertisers. Even though payments might vary, but you can expect to earn up to 60% of the total sales amount.

Provide Online Tuitions –

Are you an expert in your academic field? Do you have a knack for teaching and spreading knowledge? If your answer is ‘Yes’! Then this option might be the best opt-in for you. You might find a job that fits your niche, on websites like OkTutor, Smarthinking and, etc.

Economics, math and science tutors are mostly in demand, and you might also check out VerbalPlanet if you are bilingual, as this website connects students, interested in learning different languages, from around the globe.

Ever Considered Answering Questions, for Cash?

Websites such as ChaCha, JustAnswer and KGBanswers, pays users for every useful answer that they post. While most Questions need in-depth perspective of the subject, Google can help you with most others. You can expect earnings to be between a few cents and $10 – $50, depending on the Questions you answer.

IMPORTANT –Now that you have the necessary knowledge of “How To” make money online; remember that odd jobs are the best source of making a quick buck. The internet is the most powerful tool at your disposal, and you need to make a strong first impression, in order to survive in this highly competitive market. Good luck and spread the message!

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review in 2019 – Is WA Worth it?

Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Wealthy Affiliate review comes with full disclosure. I am a paying member. You should also know that I hate throwing my money away. Read those last two lines together and you understand that I receive a lot of value with my paid membership. Otherwise, I would not be an active WA member, and I certainly would not be paying a monthly fee.

By the way, the Wealthy Affiliate coaching program is the largest affiliate marketing training center in the world. I’m happy to pay a nominal fee as a member because of the value I get in return (don’t worry, I will walk you through everything you get in just a bit).

I just wanted you to know that I believe in the Wealthy Affiliate training.

You should also know that I will tell you what I don’t like.

This is not going to be a one-sided, all-positive, Wealthy Affiliate program review. Nothing in the world is perfect, and that’s true when we talk about Wealthy Affiliate.

So let’s get started!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

WA is both a community and an education center. It teaches you how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. In case you didn’t know, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started making money on the Internet.

Here’s how affiliate marketing works.

You find a
product or service you really believe in. You ask that company if they offer an
affiliate marketing program. If they do, they will provide you with a unique
URL that is yours and no one else’s. You simply share that link with everyone and
drive traffic to it.

If anyone,
anywhere in the world clicks that link and buys the product or service, you get
paid a sales commission.

You don’t
handle customer service or follow-up or delivery of what was purchased. This is
the most hands-off, simple and quick way to turn your computer, smartphone and
tablet into cash machines.

What WA does
is show you how to get up and running as an affiliate marketer the smart way.
Wealthy Affiliate success is not guaranteed. However, it does provide you with
the best possible education and resources to succeed quickly and long-term as
an affiliate marketer, in my opinion.

You learn
how to build your internet marketing websites the right way. You can interact
with successful affiliate marketers, do keyword research, find the best
companies to affiliate yourself with, and you are given so many valuable tools,
services, tutorials and lessons that help you every step of the way.

Consider WA as a one-stop education center for all things related to affiliate marketing.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

The WA program
is accessible from any device with internet access. Whatever kind of affiliate
marketing resources or information you’re looking for, you can find it there.
Wealthy Affiliate training is provided for affiliate marketing beginners,
veterans and those who are somewhere in between those levels of knowledge.

Once you
sign up for free or as a Premium member, you can access the program wherever
you have an Internet connection. Live videos, live support, recorded training
and plenty of other resources are available, depending on whether you are a
free or paid member.

Here’s an
example of the training you receive as a free or paid member. (Click the
Training button from any page of the WA website once you sign up for these and
other training features.)

walk-through video of how to use your membership

explanation of the differences between a free (Standard) and a paid (Premium)

to build Wealthy Affiliate websites where you can start making money as soon as

introductory education of how to make money online

to choose a niche or topic that will be profitable

to do to make your affiliate websites attractive to the search engines (this is
vital for free, qualified traffic that’s looking for just what you are

to create content that turns web surfers into readers, and readers into buyers

like to say that WA is a Wealthy Affiliate University. It gives you a college
education in affiliate marketing. However, unlike attending college, you don’t
have to wait 4 or more years to benefit. You can get started right away earning
money online.

How Do
You Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

The simplest
way to make money with WA is through its affiliate program. We already talked
about this, but let’s revisit it. Literally seconds after signing up and
logging in, you are provided with your one-of-a-kind WA affiliate link.

Share this
with your friends and followers through email, social media and on your blog or
website. Every time someone clicks on your link and signs up for a paid
membership, you get paid a commission.

Lots of
WA members make a healthy monthly income with just this feature alone.

You also
make money with Wealthy Affiliate by building your own affiliate marketing
websites. If you don’t want to build your own sites or blogs, you will learn
how to use social media as your marketing center. Making money with Wealthy

can happen a number of ways. You just choose the one that fits where you are
right now in your online marketing education and WA will show you what to do.

Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

This is
another common question. People these days get so many offers to learn about
making money online. This is probably the first question I had before I
considered signing up. It’s only reasonable for you to wonder if Wealthy
Affiliate is a scam or a legitimate “make money online” resource.

The program
has been around since 2005. Founders and veteran internet marketers Kyle Loudon
and Carson Lim share with you what they have found that works and doesn’t work
to make money online. In regards to this Wealthy Affiliate review, 2019 was
when I wrote and published it.

That means
two of the most respected and successful Internet marketers are sharing 14
years of online marketing experience with you. WA is definitely a legitimate
resource you should consider if you want to make money online.

Okay, let’s
take a look at the first question I always get about WA. You are probably
thinking right now …

… How
Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

You can
choose to sign up for free. That’s right, the largest and most popular
affiliate marketing training program in the world is free to test-drive.

I highly
recommend this if you are a beginner. If you have some internet marketing
experience, I recommend you sign up as a Premium member for a small monthly

If you’re undecided, why not join for free and see what you feel about the experience?

Click here to join Wealth Affiliate for FREE.

The Wealthy Affiliate price as a premium member is just $49 per month. There’s no commitment, either. You can sign up for a month to kick the tires and then cancel your membership if you like. At just about $1.50 per day I personally believe the paid membership is an excellent value for what you get in return.

When you sign-up as a free member, there is a one-time offer where you can join the premium membership at a discounted price of $30 off. This is a great option to take the WA premium membership for a test drive for 1 month at a lower cost. You’ll get access to WA coaches and will be able to ask them anything you need to know to move forward is your affiliate marketing business.

In a little
bit I’ll show you just what you get with the Wealthy Affiliate free membership
vs. a paid, Premium signup.

Will I
Receive a Wealthy Affiliate Bonus?

For those of you who don’t know me by now, I’m Mozie, and I’ve been earning a full-time living online with internet marketing and affiliate marketing. And one thing is for sure, I’m a big believer is bonuses to add value to my customers purchases, even if it’s an affiliate offer.

So here’s a VERY SPECIAL BONUS FOR YOU if you join Wealthy Affiliate today and give the premium membership a try, even if it’s only for 1 month.

I created a special wealthy affiliate bonus page where you can see all the bonuses you get from me if you join the Premium WA membership today through one of my WA affiliate links.

wealth affiliate review bonus by immozieClick this image to see my wealthy affiliate review bonus page.
This bonus is offered by my sister site at – a great resource for finding affiliate bonuses, free online business coaching and PLR content for your marketing.

What You
Need to Know before You Sign Up

Signing up is easy. Follow the special link I give you and you’ll see a simple introduction page. Here’s the link to sign-up. Remember to contact me with your purchase receipt to claim your bonuses if you join the premium WA membership.

There’s a
Sign-Up button at the top of your display. Click it. Fill in your name and best
email address. Then create a username and password. Wealthy Affiliate will give
you a few suggestions if you need help, or if you have a common name that’s the
same as some other members.

Now you have
a choice.

You can sign
up for free if you’re a beginner. That’s the Starter package. This is a good
idea if you want to check things out. If you want to get more features and a
quicker path to affiliate marketing success, you can sign up for the Premium
package. I dove right into the premium package because it was less than $2 per

Here are a
few of the major differences between the Starter and Premium packages.


help for the first 7 days after you sign-upSupport
for up to 2 of your websitesThe
first of 7 affiliate bootcamp training phases30
keyword searches2
training classesStandard
affiliate program payout1-on-1
coaching for your first 7 days


live helpUnlimited
private messaging helpSupport
for up to 50 of your websitesAll
7 affiliate bootcamp training phasesUnlimited
keyword searchesAll
12 training classes2X
the standard affiliate program payoutUnlimited
1-on-1 coachingAbility
to create your own training to sell within WA to help emmebrs if you’re a
premium member for more than 3months. (Golden)

Here are a
few more features you get with the Premium signup that aren’t offered with the
Standard membership.

Private access to the Wealthy Affiliate owners (This can’t be overstated. It’s huge!)Website support 24/7/365Website feedback platformWebsite comment platformWebsite analysisWebsite security packageLive video classes

The Wealth Affiliate Membership Options

wealthy affiliate membership options

access to the Wealthy Affiliate owners is huge. Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim are
veteran internet marketers. They have made millions for themselves and their WA
members. A private consultation with a marketer of this stature could cost you
a couple hundred dollars per hour or more. This access is free with your
Premium package.

website support is nice too. Another thing I like is the website feedback
platform. You can share screenshots or live video of your website and receive
advice from successful affiliate marketers.

level membership also means website analysis, a full website security package
and a website comment platform. I am a visual type of learner. If you are,
choose the Premium package. Live video classes are included, and are not
available with the free Standard membership.

What Happens after You Sign Up

You are now a member of what is widely regarded as the best affiliate marketing
training site in the world. As soon as you choose either a Standard or Premium
membership and enter your sign-up information, you will be sent to your
personal Wealthy Affiliate home page.

A pop-up
will appear. This introduces you to your personal coach. When I signed up
imagine my surprise and excitement when cofounder Kyle Loudon greeted me and
told me he was my personal training coach!

Your coach
will offer to walk you through your initial training. I highly recommend you
take time to do this. You can always go back and do it later if you’re in a
hurry though. Click Continue to get started, or choose Skip to take a look at
your home page.

I am going
to walk you through what happens when you receive the short but important
initial training.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

When you
choose to start your “meet and greet” training, here’s what happens.
After clicking the Continue button, you can choose to begin training right now
or wait until later.

Whenever you
log into your account you can click the Training button on the left sidebar. I
like that the training is not forced down your throat. Different people are
going to be at different stages of their affiliate marketing education. Some
may want to skip the initial training and dive right into the program.
Beginners should definitely go through the training process before they do

I like
that you have a choice here.

At any point
during your training you can stop and your progress is recorded. The history of
your training and where you are is noted so you can pick up where you left off.

You can also
decide to choose the Websites button from your main menu. This is where you
design, host and manage what Wealthy Affiliate calls Profit Ready Websites.
This allows you to get up and running in a hurry so you have the chance to make
money as soon as possible.

you’ll will see the Help Center option. This is pretty straightforward. If you
ever feel stuck at all while moving through your training or doing anything,
this is where you need to go. It gives you immediate and direct access to the
owners and other Wealthy Affiliate marketing experts.

Websites and Help Center are not the only features available from your
homepage. You can also choose from the following options.


Live events
are not available as a free Standard member. Your research is also limited.
Live help is limited to your first 7 days when you join up as a free member.
You do have access to the affiliate program that lets you start earning money
immediately as an affiliate of WA.

Affiliate Program Review – What I Don’t Like

At the beginning of this wealthy affiliate review I told you I would be absolutely transparent. You can expect that out of me wherever you find me online (or off).

is so much to learn! I have been making a good living online for years now.
Even so, there seems to be a limitless amount of information offered by WA.
That’s actually a good thing, but when I first got started, all of the
resources, tools and possibilities were sort of overwhelming.

keyword research provided is good. On the other hand, there are so many keyword
tools available online. I am not knocking the free keyword research you get
here. All I’m saying is that if you want more features you can pay for them
with other keyword research tools.

can find more website themes and plug-ins on WordPress. You get free themes and
plug-ins with Wealthy Affiliate, and believe me, that’s awesome. However,
nobody can compete with the number of plug-ins and themes offered by WordPress.
Just remember that you will have to pay for hosting if you build your website
through WordPress rather than WA, who provides free hosting.

there are Negative Nancies on the WA forums. All they want to talk about is how
they haven’t succeeded. These are usually people who have only been signed up for
a short period of time and have not worked very hard. If you encounter them,
just move along.

What Some
Other People Say They Don’t Like … It Takes Work

You have to
make an investment of time and energy. This is one of the many things I see
people complain about. They say they have to spend time interacting in the
forums and watching videos before they see any type of success. In other words,
these people want a magic button they can push and instantly become wealthy.

The WA program works. It only works if you dedicate time and energy to your success.

You’re going
to have to spend time to build your website. You need to do keyword research.
You need to spend the time to find a profitable niche. Running a web business is
just like running a brick-and-mortar business. It’s going to require ongoing
maintenance and involvement.

If you think you’ll sign-up to WealthyAffiliate, invest little time and energy, and instantly become the next internet marketing millionaire, you are sadly mistaken.

On the other
hand, if you like working now to build passive income streams that can pay you
money every month for years, I believe WA is where you need to be. The beauty
of affiliate marketing is that it requires more hard work up front, and less on
the maintenance side. This means that you may need to get your hands dirty and
invest time and elbow grease into building your profitable websites.

Once you do,
WA shows you how to keep those passive income streams producing money with minimal
effort using smart marketing practices.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Wrap-Up

What Wealthy
Affiliate helps you do can be summarized pretty quickly.

They teach
you how to …

a Profitable NicheBuild
a Website for That NicheDrive
Traffic to Your WebsiteMake

The program
is constantly updated. I’m always learning new things even though I’ve been a
successful IMer for some time now. If money is a problem, get started free. If
you don’t mind paying less than $2 per day for access to the most in-depth and
successful affiliate marketing training site, go Premium when you sign up.

My recommendation is to get started one way or another. I truly can credit much of the success I have had as an online entrepreneur to the WA program. Thanks for your time checking out my Wealthy Affiliate review, and whatever you decide, I am cheering for your success.

join wealthy affiliate today for free

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